Free PCM Player Downloads

If you want to play PCM uncompressed audio files (meaning mostly WAV and AIFF files), the applications from this set are a great choice. These programs support playing other audio file formats as well, not only WAV and AIFF. Furthermore, they all are free.

Free PCM Player download selection by David Wardle. April 03, 2015

Windows Media Player
A powerful and convenient media manager from Microsoft. version is completely free from clutter, such ...taskbar-intergrated mini-player (some controls are...
Most popular in Free PCM Player Most downloaded in Free PCM Player
Pre-installed in Windows
Built-in audio and video codecs
Extended and simplified media sharing across the network and the Internet
Some useful features are not included (e.g. party mode)


Nullsoft Inc.
Winamp player is designed to cover the large area of media file types.
...and *.mkv. The player comes with various type ...internet radio. Winamp player is very handy software...
Most audio and video media files are supported
If loading a very large file, it will have a small loading period
It's hard to manage playlists


Peter Pawlowski
foobar2000 is a plain application that acts as an audio player.
...acts as an audio player. In addition, you set as your default player for audio tracks. However...
Most recent in Free PCM Player
Can be set as your default audio player
Gapless playback and ReplayGain features
Provides advanced tagging abilities
Inadequately organized menu


Artem Izmaylov
Play, convert, organize, and enhance your favorite audio files.
...therefore, is absolutely free. If you happen to ...your default Windows Media Player, AIMP is an...
Includes an audio converter
Listen to your favorite radio stations
Captures streaming audio
Lacks a true waveform-based file editor
Toolsoft Audio Player
HongLiang Tang
Toolsoft Audio Player is capable of playing a wide range of audio formats.
...supported formats, such as PCM, AC3, MP1, AAC Windows Media Player, Real Player, Winamp, QuickTime...
It is easy to use
It supports a wide range of formats
It has limited options


James Chapman
With VUPlayer you will be able to play music files in many audio formats.
...formats. The application is totally free and can be used without...
It supports many audio formats
It lets you convert your audio files
None at all
DSD Direct Player
Sony Corporation
DSD Direct Player allows you to enjoy the superior sound of a Super Audio CD.
...recording capabilities, DSD Direct Player allows you to enjoy ...real-time conversion of PCM to DSD and...
Latest comments:
I want to download DSD Direct Player.
Quintessential Media Player
Quintessential Media Player is a free audio player with many advanced options.
...Quintessential Media Player is one of the best free audio players on Internet...
Easy to use interface
Many skins to download
Rip your Audio CDs
CrystalWolf Audio Player
CrystalWolf Audio Player is capable of playing audio files of any format.
CrystalWolf Audio Player is a program capable of playing...
It supports most popular audio formats
It includes a tag editor
Final Media Player
Bitberry Software
A smart-looking alternative to Windows Media Player and other software.
...alternative to Windows Media Player, since it supports many ...and free option. The program is free to...
Nice interface
Many formats supported
A "nag screen" appears every time after you play a file

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