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In order to access and retrieve information resources on the Internet, web browsers have been created. You can choose to use one in favor of another by considering each one's stability, protection ensured from malware and phishing, ease of use of their interface or good browsing speed, for example.

Check Internet Websites download selection is a descendant of our Free Internet Browser by Mary Nett customized for you:

Internet Explorer
Browse the Web in a secure environment with HTML5 support.
...Microsoft browser is no longer Internet Explorer, but Microsoft Edge, and new features to check memory use and responsiveness have...
Most popular in Check Internet Websites Most relevant in Check Internet Websites
Multi-tab interface
Accessibility features
High-end security and blocking features
High memory consumer
Google Chrome
Browse the Web and sync your navigation preferences with your phone and tablet.
...Used by 75% of all Internet users, this free and functional modern computers and simple Internet browsing a true challenge for...
Most downloaded in Check Internet Websites
Pop-up blocker
Accessibility extensions
Private browsing
High resource consumer


Opera Software
Browse the web more faster, safer, private and ad-free.
...I encountered during testing were the lack of a website loading progress bar and parental controls. In...
Has a built-in ad-blocker
Provides theme customization
Has a free VPN feature
Lacks a website loading progress bar


Surf the web faster with features like live bookmarks, multiple tabs, and more.
...groups. You can browse the internet anonymously with the ‘private window ...protects you from third party websites that may track your location...
Most recent in Check Internet Websites
Secure, fast and reliable
Private browsing to hide your traces
Multiple tabs to browse different websites
No built-in support for flash
WebbIE and Accessible Programs
Alasdair King
Accessible Internet browser and tools for blind and visually impaired persons.
...a BBC iPlayer, a podcatcher, an Internet radio tuner, or a disk explorer ...the library. It combines Internet browsing with library cataloging...
Comes with an amazing set of accessible programs
Includes an accessible PDF reader
Can be used for both sighted and visually impaired persons
Comodo Dragon Internet Browser
Comodo Group, Inc.
It operates with a lot of features that make it completely secure and private.
...strength of any website that has been easier to check the web page ...this version of Comodo Dragon Internet Browser, it's compatible with...
Safety-related options
Built-in Share function
User-friendly interface
Acoo Browser

Acoo Browser

Acoo Browser is an Internet browser packed with rich features.
...interface quite similar to Microsoft Internet Explorer, but with many more ...directly from the developer's website. While installing, we are...
Lots of new options to make it easier for us to surf the Net
WebGoo Browser
MEMASoft Corporation
WebGoo browses the Net opening 20 web sites at the same time.
...It lets you browse through Internet web pages. Among many of ...browser, files can be uploaded to websites with ease. The browser also...
Listen to music, watch videos and browse at the same time
Too many features may lead to weak browsing performance


VIP NetLink Inc.
A free Internet browser delivered by Vip NetLink Internet provider.
...and are interested in obtaining Internet services from the above-mentioned ...set shortcuts to frequently visited websites, thus saving a lot of...
Yoг can set up your own user account
It can be freely used as an Internet browser by anyone
Two toolbars
This company provides Internet services within the US only

Some Check Internet Websites downloads, not featured in Free Internet Browser



Shows you which Facebook users are on the webpage you are currently visiting.
...the website you are also currently visiting, find out what's popular on the Internet and check the...
Built-in search engine
Private Mode
AusLogics BoostSpeed
Sweeps out all types of junk, such as unneeded system and user temporary files.
BoostSpeed runs a complete checkup of your entire system locating junk files, speed-reducing issues and causes of any system or application...
Clear, attractive, and well-organized interface
Extensive range of optimization tools
Informative scan reports
Includes too many ads regarding other optimization tools
McAfee WebAdvisor
McAfee WebAdvisor protects you from the most common online threats.
...Internet. This handy little tool warns you before you get to unknowingly access malicious websites threats. It checks to see if your...
Includes a password strength analysis function
Also scans downloads
Works with only 3 web browsers
Grammarly is a program that checks for grammar, style, plagiarism and more. through the developer's website. Some features are actually ...since it really doesn't need Internet to check grammar, punctuation or style...
Easy to use
Has many features
Plagiarism detector sometimes doesn't work properly
Internet Cleaner
Internet Cleaner allows you to delete your offline and online activity.
...bothers me about Internet Cleaner: it lacks Check All and ...files. Internet Cleaner can permanently erase history of visited websites, clear...
User-friendly interface
Supports various browsers
Also deletes Windows activity
Lacks Check All and Uncheck All buttons

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