Free Raster Graphics Editor Downloads

An image editor (which is a common name for a raster graphics editor) is an application for creating and modifying raster images - images consisting of individual points or pixels.

This set of applications offers you a selection of free raster editors. Some of these support multi-layer editing and offer other advanced features.

Free Raster Graphics Editor download selection is a descendant of our Free Image Editor by Jørgen Walters customized for you:

Photo Pos Pro
Power Of Software Ltd.
Full-featured image editor and photo enhancer for all popular image formats. a richness of features, but it is probably the only one offering them free of charge. To attract even more potential users, it offers a Pro Interface with all the bells a...
Most relevant in Free Raster Graphics Editor
Pro and novice interfaces
Extensive functionality
Support for all popular image file formats
No drawbacks found during the review
Hornil StylePix
Picture editor with support for multiple tools and layers.
...ts size and most of all its price, because the product fortunately has a free edition. However, should you need additional features, such as Quick Mask, Dynamic Brushes, Lay...
Opens images in different tabs
Supports batch image processing
Provides live change previewing
Inexperienced users may need some time to use it fluently


The GIMP Team
GIMP 2.6 is a versatile and free graphics manipulation package.
GIMP 2.6 is a versatile and free to use graphics manipulation program. With GIMP you are capable of make professional logos and ...
Most popular in Free Raster Graphics Editor
Easy to understand
Free to use
Not so complete as Photoshop
PC Image Editor
Program4Pc Inc.
Neat and straightforward image editor with simple yet efficient functionality.
...ple tools to edit and enhance your photographs and other image files for free. By using this app, you will be able to adjust common exposure mistakes, add filters and effect...
Supports all the most common image file formats
Straightforward and easy-to-apply functionality
One-click filters and effects
No batch processing capabilities
VCW VicMan's Photo Editor
VicMan Software
A powerful photo editor, which enables you to improve your digital photos.
VCW VicMan's Photo Editor is a powerful picture and photo editor which enables you to correct your digital photos and d...
The Caricature tool
Support for all common picture file formats
Photoshop Plugins support
The Undo operations are limited to five steps
MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer
MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer is a powerful photo editing tool.
MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer is a powerful yet easy to use application that allows you to edit your p...
Safety feature. Great perspective effects. Easy to use. Simple and intuitive user interface. Free
Photo! Editor
Denoise, remove red eyes, apply filters to JPG, BMP, PNG,GIF, TIFF, etc.
Photo! Editor is an image editing and enhancing tool designed for digital photography. It offers a wide ran...
Most downloaded in Free Raster Graphics Editor
Red eye effect removal tools
Auto sets for camera photos
It's totally free
Isn't supported now

Some Free Raster Graphics Editor downloads, not featured in Free Image Editor

Synfig Studio
Create high-quality 2d animated films with support of frame animation.
...hey are resized. In this respect, it is good that the program can import raster GIMP and vector SVG images. Moreover, there are various tools that allow you to draw without ...
Produces high-quality animations
Support of vector images
Frame animation
Unattractive interface


A powerful 2D vector editor for Windows, including basic Visio functionality.
... maps and so much more. You can use predefined blocks, primitive shapes, raster and vector images. The collection of blocks and it's attributes could be modified and extende...
Drawings can be shared on the Internet using the developer's server
Each category of blocks includes only basic items


This free tool can convert Nikon raw (NEF) image files to common formats.
...PG is a very small, simple, lightweight and neat tool. Since it’s also free, it represents a good solution for whenever you need to quickly convert NEF raw images to other...
Very small, neat, and lightweight
Allows viewing NEF files
Doesn't support any additional options
Images Generator
Versatile and free tool to create your own graphics and to edit existing images.
This free version of Images Generator offers you all the tools you need to enhance existing images or to ...
Most recent in Free Raster Graphics Editor
Simple tool suitable for all types of users
Versatile functionality
Good selection of supported image files

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