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This set contains free applications that can be used for creating web pages with the least possible effort. They make editing HTML pages an easy task due to the fact that they include HTML syntax checking features and are based on the efficient WYSIWYG principle (What You See Is What You Get).

HTML Code Builder download selection is a descendant of our Free HTML Editor by Ronald Germaine customized for you:



Don HO
Light editor for taking notes and writing programming code.
...but also for scripting, coding and web development, which entail ...languages, including C++, PHP, CSS, HTML, Powershell, SQL and XML. Lastly...
Most popular in HTML Code Builder Most recent in HTML Code Builder Most relevant in HTML Code Builder
Very light
Syntax highlighting and code folding
Automatic completion of reserved words, functions and parameters
Outdated interface


Linspire Inc.
Nvu 1.0 is a very easy to use application for creating web pages.
...web pages. It uses HTML, Code, and previous view of ...setting border properties, fonts, etc. HTML validation, a Markup cleaner, Forms...
Tagged pages view. CSS insertion. JavaScript console. Very easy to use for creating simple web pages


HTML Kit software is a complete web page editor for HTML, XML and Script.
...displaying the inserted changes in code. The application can open ...replace. Automatic plain text to HTML code conversion. Spell check and...
Many tools in one application. Undo - Redo list
PageBreeze Free HTML Editor
This program enables you to create HTML webpages and web forms. this, HTML Editor integrates an advanced form builder, which you can you ensure that your HTML source code contains no errors, this...
Easy to use
Includes an advanced form builder
Intuitive user interface
Installs unnecessary software


FreshHTML is a full featured HTML designer with a WYSIWYG interface.
...operation modes: Designer and HTML code. The designer mode display ...and the HTML code shows the corresponding code behind this webpage...
CSS Styles inspector
Tag Attributes inspector
The "Help" file is not working
Blaze Composer
B.Nikhil Baliga
Blaze Composer is a free and simple program for designing web pages.
...for maximizing the benefits of HTML. The program's interface is wholly ...more advanced users to edit the HTML code. With this program, you...
It includes some predefined scripts
It has an FTP client built-in
You cannot insert videos and audio files, unless you manually provide the HTML code
The Free HTML Editor
CoffeeCup Software, Inc.
...the screen to modify HTML...
...half of the screen to modify HTML, and use the bottom half of a personal library of frequently used code, which you can use to edit...
Latest comments:
Stop typing in search words that have nothing to do with what people are searching for.
Aptana Studio
Appcelerator, Inc.
Aptana Studio is a powerful web development application.
...programming languages, as follows: Capistrano, CoffeeScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Rails, XML and many...
Open-source program
It can be used by professional web developers
Supports many programming languages
Requires advanced programming knowledge

Some HTML Code Builder downloads, not featured in Free HTML Editor

BlueVoda Website Builder
WYSIWYG website design and publishing tool with templates and image library.
...doesn't require you to study HTML or other programming languages. Website Builder comes with a set of...
Built in FTP client
Lots of predesigned features for one's web pages
Web Game Builder
turn your exe program in to web application.
...Game Builder will pack the game, then generate all files automatically including the html code. The code works...
Flashation Menu Builder
Flashation Menu Builder is a help for all web developers.
...users of Flashation Menu Builder don’t know what is HTML code. Flashation Menu Builder not only creates horizontal...
Create Flash based Menus and Buttons
Comes with lots of inbuilt menus and buttons template
Preview option
Not a freeware
Adobe Dreamweaver Widget Browser
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe AIR application to preview and configure widgets using a visual interface.
...package widgets for use in any other HTML editing tool. The Widget Browser also offers...
Most downloaded in HTML Code Builder
Easy to use with professional results in seconds
Only for implementation into Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
HTML Builder XP
<b>Code</b> Builders
HTML Builder XP is a powerful, professional development environment for HTML.
...development environment for HTML. HTML Builder has been ...Recognition. - Complete HTML Tidy Integration. - HTML Tidy Code Clean-up ...
Likno Web Accordion Builder
Likno Software
It's a tool to create jQuery accordion and slider controls for your web pages.
...controls, Likno Web Accordion Builder is also pretty comprehensive and ...want, from simple text or HTML code to images, videos, animation...
Comprehensive and effective help system
Simple interface
Ready-made examples

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