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A firewall is an application that provides an additional security layer controlling the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a certain set of rules. This set of applications can act as a firewall and allow you to limit outgoing and incoming connections based on the source/target application, protocol, port, etc.

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ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
It seamlessly integrates the ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Firewall for PC protection.
ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus Firewall 2013 is a ...ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Firewall together for maximum...
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This browser is working very well, hence, I want it.
Microsoft Firewall Client
Firewall Client is one of the three types of clients supporting ISA Server.
...automatic discovery for Firewall client computer ...out of Firewall client configuration settings...
Automatic discovery
Automatic settings
Not found
PC Tools Firewall Plus
PC Tools
This program will help you prevent the entry of threats to your PC.
PC Tools Firewall Plus is a security traffic and the firewall activity. An important change...
The program uses little system resources
There are more than 10 languages available for the program interface
In this version, you can create profiles for a better performance with different networks
handyCafe Firewall
Ates Software
It enables you to protect your computer against Internet threats.
HandyCafe Firewall is a free program that enables you to...
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Sygate Personal Firewall
Sygate Technologies, Inc.
Sygate Personal Firewall for computers connected to networks or Internet. transfered the Firewall detects it and ...for testing the firewall performance through an Internet...
It catches every movement in and out to the network or Internet. Complete logs for applications, traffic, etc
It's a little boring, asking every time an application tries to connect to Internet or any "ping" program sends a packet to the net
Quick Heal Firewall Pro
Quick Heal Technologies
Provides the first line of defense against malicious software.
Quick Heal Firewall Pro 3.00 provides the first...
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Sophos Client Firewall
Sophos Plc
Sophos Client Firewall protects your entire enterprise.
Sophos Client Firewall protects your entire enterprise. It...
Sunbelt Personal Firewall
Sunbelt Software
Sunbelt Personal Firewall protects your PC from intrusions monitoring traffic.
...Sunbelt Personal Firewall lists the application ...Sunbelt Personal Firewall detects and blocks...
Sunbelt Personal Firewall filters both incoming and outgoing traffic. Also monitors applications and behavior of applications and incoming and outgoing traffic
Some features are not available for the Sunbelt Personal Firewall free version
Privacyware/PWi, Inc.
Privatefirewall is a free firewall that can detect and block potential threats.
...your computer using a firewall and the advanced user ...firewall as long as the complete and yet free...
Allows the users to edit and customize the traffic management rules
Provides comprehensive logs and reports
Neat and well-organized interface
AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall

Online Media Technologies Ltd.
Helps you protect your PC from malicious and phishing sites. disable all firewall and anti-virus application all up, AVS Firewall is a handy application...
User-friendly interface
Available in many languages
Comes with a wide variety of useful tools
Ashampoo FireWall
ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
FREE network tool to fully protect and monitor your system.
...with this heavy-duty firewall protection, Ashampoo FireWall FREE gives you four extra...
Easy and Expert modes
Extra functionality to monitor both your incoming and your outgoing communications
Self-explanatory screens
SoftPerfect Personal Firewall
SoftPerfect Research
Protect your computer against malware attacks from the Internet or local network.
...Personal Firewall is a free application ...logging. This Personal Firewall has a trusted MAC...
Non-IP configuration
Automatic learning feature
IP filtering
Requires basic networking knowledge
NetDefender - Firewall
It is a Free Firewall with source code and has a very easy to use interface.
...Free Firewall with source code, which can be downloaded along with firewall ...NetDefender Firewall is...
iolo Personal Firewall
iolo technologies, LLC
Iolo Personal Firewall is an assistant to keep safe your computer private data.
...that using Personal Firewall you will be able ...classifications that allow the firewall to take the...
Easy to use
Runs in the background
Excellent interface
Not free


R-Tools Technology Inc.
R-Firewall allows you to protect your PC against many internet threats.
R-Firewall is a complete, all-new PC ...use and intuitive. For being free, it is very good and...
Easy to use. Two different user interfaces. Free
Does not support Vista
Comodo Personal Firewall
COMODO Group Inc.
FREE Comodo Personal Firewall-Secure your system against...
FREE Comodo Personal Firewall - Secure your Comodo Personal Firewall helps you connect in...
Securepoint Personal Firewall
Securepoint GmbH
It protects your PC from unwelcome access from the outside.
...application today. The Securepoint Personal Firewall & VPN Client represents the intersection...
Comodo Firewall
Comodo Group, Inc.
It's a powerful, complex and yet free system firewall.
...completely for free. Comodo Firewall is a comprehensive multilayer firewall application that...
Can run suspicious programs in a "sandbox"
Customizable ruleset
It's also free

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