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This set contains free applications that allow you to protect the content of your files by encoding them with powerful encryption algorithms such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) or Blowfish. They come with handy additional features such as support for encrypting e-mails, integration with the Windows Explorer, and so on.

Free File Encryptor download selection by David Wardle. April 02, 2015

MEO Encryption Software
NCH Software
Tiny yet efficient utility to encrypt your most sensitive documents and e-mails.
...decryption utility. The file encryption wizard will allow ...a securely locked new file with the .meo...
Wizard-based file encryption
Simple and straightforward interface
Encrypts and sends e-mails
AxCrypt AB
AxCrypt can help protect your privacy by encrypting sensitive data.
...not only individual files but complete folder ...passwords. Fortunately, the free version can be used...
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It is easy to use
It is integrated into Windows built-in File Manager
It allows sharing encrypted information with other users
Some features as 256-bit AES encryption and secure deletion are only supported in the paid version
Advanced AES Encrypter
Advanced AES Encrypter is an easy to use application encrypt/decrypt files. to encrypt or decrypt files using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard...
File Encryption
Taiwan Tai-Hao
File Encryption is free Windows application to encrypt...
File Encryption is free software ...grade algorithms for encrypting files. File Encryption is released...
Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software
Cypherix Software
Cryptainer LE Totally free 128 bit file and disk encryption software. drive. The files can be read ...). Simple, Secure, Absolutely free. No Nags, No reminders...
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Encrypt Files
Encrypt Files
Encrypt Files is a file encryption and decryption tool. your files. To encrypt a file, you need ...Encrypt Files will delete the original file that was...
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It works well
Many different available algorithms
The built-in explorer doesn't include common shortcuts like Desktop, My Documents, etc
Sophos Free Encryption
Sophos Ltd.
Sophos Free Encryption offers protection by encrypting the data on your PC.
...containing the encrypted files. You will be ...history file, etc. To sum up, Sophos Free Encryption...
Encryption of large folders
Securely email your data
Intuitive interface
Kryptel Lite

Kryptel Lite

INV Softworks
Kryptelis a file encryption software that will save your data. “encrypted file”; its files are containers that ...container and view the files it contains. Strong...
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