Free Web Storage Downloads

In the following list there are applications created to ease the process of accesing an online storage drive. Each one is related to its own service. If you don't have a cloud service account, you can download one of these programs, create an account and start keeping an online backup copy of your files.

Free Web Storage download selection is a descendant of our Free Cloud Storage by Robert Polubinski customized for you:



Dropbox, Inc.
Synchronize your local data with your Dropbox account. space, high transfer speed and strong security. The application is free an online storage service can be...
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Creates a synchronized local folder available through the file manager
Proxy settings
Shared folders
Other cloud services not supported
SugarSync Manager
SugarSync, Inc.
SugarSync Manager lets you sync and share your files accross many devices.
...that when it comes to buying storage capacity, the price range is a bit...
User-friendly interface
Comes with a built-in search tool
You can share synced files with any of your contacts
Pricey when it comes to buying cloud storage capacity
4shared Desktop
4shared Desktop is a client for the homonymous file-sharing network.
...4shared are only available from the web pages.
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It is easy to use
It allows uploading and downloading with pause-resume support
It supports batch uploading and downloading
It cannot pass your registration data to the web site to avoid entering them again
Microsoft SkyDrive
It is an app which automatically syncs your files across your computers.
With this app installed on all your computers, you'll have automatic access to the latest version of your files wherever...
Latest comments:
All of my PCs are still running Windows XP. All of my staff get confused with Windows 7, none can use...

Some Free Web Storage downloads, not featured in Free Cloud Storage

Maxthon MX5 Cloud Browser
A fast cloud-based browsing solution with handy features.
...modern browsers available for free at the same time ...devices and save Web downloads to cloud storage. Maxthon is packed...
Light and fast
Handy additional features
Good for blocking ads
Can be confusing in the feature selection
Orca Browser

Orca Browser

Avant Force
Orca Browser is an extremely fast and user friendly web browser. and user friendly web browser, designed to add ...Flash Blocker, Online Profile Storage, auto Form-Filler, and...
Nice and lightweight
Firefox plugins may not to be fully compatible

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