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Any game from this collection will bring unbelievable extreme game experience. You will be able to select among different kind of cars and tracks, complete lots of addictive missions, bypass all your rivals, and even struggle with the police and gangsters. Various graphical effects will only add breathtaking moments to your racings and will allow you to have fun for hours.

Free Racing Games download selection is a descendant of our Free Car Racing Game by Victoria Nelson customized for you:

Star Racing

Star Racing

Media Contact LLC
Star Racing is an sport game which you can freely download.
Star Racing is another of those games which you can freely to choose between single race or championship, after you...
Most relevant in Free Racing Games
Excellent graphics and good sound effects
Extreme Racers
Media Contact LLC
Extreme Racers is a racing game developed by Media Contact LLC.
...a racing game developed by Media Contact LLC and you can get it for free at...
Incredible graphics and great scenarios
Racing Trucker
Racing Trucker 2.0 is a game that is full of a crushing energy.
Racing Trucker 2.0 is a game that is full of a crushing ...turn green to start running the race. The player has to use...
easy to understand
Nice graphics
Free Installation
A bit complicated to manage at first
Crazy Car Gangsters
You will get addicted to this fun car race and fight.
...piece of land. You must race your car and fight your ...this game is very easy, you should use your keyboard to race your...
Good fun
Navigation is always the same
Lost Roads Races
MyPlayCity, Inc.
Get a lot of adrenaline in this game with a great experience of speed.
...championship car race. Enjoy this fun game and get ...each race. You can race versus 1,2, 4 or 6 opponents. This game...
Great fun and action
Real Race

Real Race

Real Race is a racing game in which the cars go extremely fast.
Real Race is a racing game in which the cars go ...effects and music. Real race is totally free, you can download the...
Window mode
Nice graphics
Various cars and tracks to choose from
Very hard
Police Supercars Racing
Media Contact LLC
An attractive PC game where you try to complete missions driving Police cars.
...section and starting the game. The game play of Police Supercars Racing consists of completing...
Most popular in Free Racing Games
it provides a large variety of missions with different objectives
Need for Madness
| Games Ltd.
Need for Madness is a car racing game with a cool multiplayer mode.
...suitable for an adrenaline-packed racing game. Cutting long story short enjoyed for free only for a limited time...
Fun multiplayer
Small and lightweight
Includes a car customization tool
The multiplayer mode is not free
Deadly Race

Deadly Race

Media Contact LLC
A racing game where you drive your car and destroy your opponents using weapons. playing a free racing game, Deadly Race is the perfect one ...start a new race, configure the game options or view...
easy control of the car
provides a lot of fun
video options are not provided
Need For Extreme 3D
Need for Extreme 2 1.0 is a fun free car 3D racing game.
...Extreme 3D 1.0 is a great car racing game with amazing 3D graphics. It´s very ...and installing this great 3d racing game.
It has 3D graphics
its not recommended to play it with other applications running
Need for Russia
Layernet GmbH
Need for Russia is a car racing game in which you will drive cars from CCCP.
Need for Russia is a car racing game in which you will drive greatest...

Some Free Racing Games downloads, not featured in Free Car Racing Game

Super Motocross
A game in which you drive a motorcycle over different terrains. a simple racing game that may games, you will definitely get bored. Fortunately, the game is absolutely free...
Easy to play
Only one mode


ZModeler is a software for creating and modifying 3D artwork.
...(models) for variouse games. Comparing to advanced 3D ...usually cause slowdown of game's performance and sometime make...
Mini-Cars Racing
Everyone would like to take a dip into childhood, forget everyday problems and have a hell of fun.
...cute radio-controlled toys, racing all over the house and ...challenge? Download Mini-Cars Racing and Play for Free!
Nice graphics
Fully customizable
Nothing new or impressive
Need For Speed™ World
It is suitable for anyone who likes races, adrenalina and fast cars.
...up and progress through the game more challenging Races will appear. There are two...
Most downloaded in Free Racing Games Most recent in Free Racing Games
It is fun to play with other players
Servers are often down
Diesel and Death
A small game that helps you relax from the daily routine.
...Death is an interesting racing game for free. Diesel as we know we got a racing game, in this game you or your enemy...
Small and fun game where you don't need to be highly concentrated
Truck Racing by Renault Trucks
A driving game where you get to stay behind the wheel of a truck.
...can choose from different game modes, such as free run, race non-player trucks, or...
Up to 16 players can join a race
The simple idea of driving a truck is intriguing
The game is free
The landscape could use a little more variance

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