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Cache is a collection of data duplicating original values stored elsewhere on a computer. Cache usually include temporary files from your Internet browser or any other application installed on your PC. Many files might not be used anymore, and it is neccesary to clean them in order to improve your system performance.

The programs from this set will allow cleaning both online and offline tracks left by any app. You will be able to customize various cleaning processes and keep your privacy safe.

Free Cache Cleaner download selection by Victoria Nelson. March 21, 2015

Wise Registry Cleaner Free
Fix all broken links and other issues that clog your Windows registry.
...include the system icon cache, the Aero Peek ...Wise Registry Cleaner Free is truly free and it truly...
Most popular in Free Cache Cleaner Most recent in Free Cache Cleaner Most relevant in Free Cache Cleaner
It does fix all issues found
Customizable system tune-up utility
Registry defragmenter
May create some instability in certain systems


Sven Hoffman
ClearProg removes the surf-tracks of any used browser or installed programs.
...I don't have to manually delete cache, history or typed URLs for...
User-friendly interface
Works very fast
Works with auto functions (check Reference menu)
Lacks "None" and "All" selections for any type of entry
Free Internet Eraser
Cybertron Software Co., Ltd
Free Internet Eraser protects your privacy by permanently deleting history.
...Internet Explorer’s history like the cache, cookies or search history. Unfortunately...
Lets you choose which items to clean
It supports only Internet Explorer and not other browsers as well
Privacy Mantra
Privacy Mantra 2.05 keeps your computer clean from online and offline tracks.
...including Internet history, cache, cookies, index.dat ...Auto Complete Forms, Cache, Cookies, etc. It...
It´s a useful free program to get rid of privacy leaks
Delete History Free
It is a freeware utility to delete your history tracks from your computer. use Delete History Free utility. It is a Delete History Free has capability to delete...
Most downloaded in Free Cache Cleaner
Support 1-click clear of all history
Easy to use interface
Support only few browsers
Square Privacy Cleaner
NoVirusThanks Company Srl
A free tool to get rid of all the temporary files and traces in your system.
Square Privacy Cleaner is an excellent free tool that ...lists, or the clipboard cache. As for the...
Fully customizable deletion processes
Can create a restore point for extra safety


Acceleration Software
Make web browsing Faster! Stop waiting for web pages to load...
...has gathered in an local cache so you can revisit a ...results. You set the cache size. Make it as...


Matteo Turconi
iSysCleaner will delete temporary and unused files from your disks.
...anymore, and will free up valuable disk ...Cookies, User Temporary, IE Cache, Recent, Firefox, Opera...
It does its job quickly and well
KC Softwares KCleaner
KC Softwares
Straightforward utility to remove any junk files and recover useful free space.
...the most efficient Hard Disk cleaner, tracking every useless byte in...
Straightforward functionality and simple interface
Automatic cleaning routine that works in the background
One-click cleaning mode
Deleted files are irrecoverable
Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner

Robert Moerland
Disk Cleaner is a tool that easily cleans your hard disk from temporary files.
Disk Cleaner is a free tool that easily and quickly ...that you can clear the cache every time you boot...
Portable, Free, Small size, no complex Installation
McAfee V-Shield has to be deactivated in order for this tool to work properly

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