Free CBT Reader Downloads

CBT is a file format used for comic books that were archived using the TAR compression tool. It's lesser used than CBR or CBZ when it comes to electronic comic books.

The following collection provides you with a few applications that can help you read your CBT comic book files (among other formats). All these tools are also free.

Free CBT Reader download selection by Bill White. May 02, 2017

CBR Reader

CBR Reader

Free Picture Solutions
CBR Reader is a program which allows you to read comic book files.
...CBR, CBZ, CBT, CBA, and CB7. CBR Reader is a simple ...least, it’s also completely free. To sum it all...
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Small, neat, and lightweight
Can save pages to image files
Lacks any advanced options or features
Manga Reader

Manga Reader

Manga Reader
A very good-looking manga and comic reader for Windows.
...formats like CBR, CBT, CBZ, as well ...Reading comics in Manga Reader can be a very ...'s absolutely free.
Most downloaded in Free CBT Reader
Very comfortable
Page navigation is just great
LuJoSoft ComicReader
Attractive and functional comic reader for all common comic book formats.
...provides you with a free solution to view, read ...and reader files (such as CBR, CBZ, CBT, and...
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Flexible presentation modes
Image enhancing features
Includes a useful magnifying tool