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A browser is an application that allows you get access either to a website (Avant Browser), or some files, like widgets or media files (Media Browser). This set contains free browsers, which can help your kids surf the web securely, help you watch a daily TV program, ease the process of finding new games and work with the Internet. Choose among them the right one for you.

Free Browser download selection by Nova Vozrak. May 02, 2015

Adobe Dreamweaver Widget Browser
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Easy-to-use Dreamweaver CS5 tool for inserting professional widgets in webpages.
...the moment the Widget Browser offers 35 free widgets and hundreds of...
Most popular in Free Browser Most downloaded in Free Browser
Easy to use with professional results in seconds
Only for implementation into Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Avant Browser
Avant Force
Avant Browser is an alternative to other popular web browsers.
...applications, Avant Browser´s interface look ...languages. Avant Browser includes several features...
Most relevant in Free Browser
It has a dual-browser engine
It has a skinnable interface
It is available in several languages
The interface looks old
Crazy Browser
A reliable and convenient web browser at your disposal.
...yet, Crazy Browser is a web browser that can successfully ...versions of Crazy Browser bring a lot of...
Allows you to add your own plugins
Lets you use mouse gestures
The smart add-blocker will keep your web surfing experience as clean as it can possibly get
Requires Internet Explorer in order to run
TheWorld Browser
Phoenix Studio
TheWorld is a small yet powerful Internet browser.
...same window. The browser features multi-favorite ...the two mentioned browsers. Moreover, the program...
Multi-threading ability
Fast and easy to use
Small in size
KidZui Browser
KidZui Inc.
KidZui is the browser especially designed for 3-12 year age group kids.
...browsers? The simple answer is KidZui browser. KidZui is the browser ...also create free account of...
Excellent graphical and animated interface
More then 800,000 websites, pictures and videos in safe list
Track kid’s activity and send weekly report via email to parents
System requirement is high
Orca Browser

Orca Browser

Avant Force
A great lightweight Internet browser for alternative users.
...That's why the browser must have a combination ...called Orca Browser. This browser is really based...
Nice and lightweight
Firefox plugins may not to be fully compatible
BlackHawk Web Browser
NETGATE Technologies
Blackhawk Web Browser is a fast and easy-to-use web browser.
...Blackhawk Web Browser was created with ...“converting” to this browser. Nevertheless, it’s advisable...
It’s easy to use
It’s fast
It has a nice interface
It doesn’t support all Chrome’s extensions
Media Browser
Media Browser Team
Media Browser allows you to categorize all media data from your computer.
...and also give you free access to install new ...While running the Media Browser Configurator, you can...
Parental control option
Option to install for free dozens of plugins
Dolphin3D Web Browser
FutureThought Technologies LLC
Dolphin3D is a new and free internet browser for Windows.
...and innovative new web browser which can successfully ...accessed from the main browser window with a...
Feature-rich, free to use
iQ Browser

iQ Browser

myiq, Inc.
iQ Browser is a web browser that can be a great tool for all Internet surfers.
...The browser support ...Browser has very low system requirements and doesn’t need a lot of free...
Cool design
It's free
Not found
Advanced Browser
Advanced Browser
Advanced Browser has fast operation, good stability, and tabbed browsing.
...among all other browsers. Some of it a very good browser, which gives consistently satisfactory...
Excellent performance
Requires IE
E2 Browser

E2 Browser

E2 Browser is a smart web browser with a built-in media player. standard web browsers: tabbed browsing ...browsers. The download of this browser is completely free...
Built-in media player
Suppressing of script errors
Option for collecting various files
Needs IE in order to run
Kids NetLinks Extreme Browser
Kids NetLinks
A browser totally customized for kids, simple and friendly.
...The browser loads faster than usual browsers and i ...All in all, this browser is a must-have for...
Links to kids websites
Only applicable to kids
Kids NetLinks Crayola Browser
Kids NetLinks
A browser specially designed for kids to browse pages at
...Crayola Browser is a free web browser specially ...Kids NetLinks Crayola Browser is flash-enabled...
Totally customized for children
Not good enough for browsing other sites
Zaxar Game Browser
Zaxar Ltd.
Zaxar Game Browser is a program that will allow you to access free online games.
...Browser is a program that will allow you to access free ...including them in the browser. The second tab...
It will offer you a lot of free games to play
Nukori Web Browser
Nukori Browser
It is a lightweight web browser for your daily browsing needs.
The application is a lightweight web browser for your daily browsing needs...
Freeware Browser
Freeware Browser is a web browser that points directly at download websites.
...for example). The browser itself looks utter ugly ...Explorer. Now, Freeware Browser will only allow...
Can't find any
Looks awful
WA Browser

WA Browser

WA Browser is built on the same trident engines as used in Internet Explorer.
...Internet Explorer 8. WA Browser has an import/ ...and from the browser. WA Browser uses the engines...
GoBar allows better navigation
Dependent on Internet Explorer engines
AM Browser

AM Browser

AM Browser makes surfing much more comfortable and less confusing.
...browser task. AM Browser is a most stable tabbed Web browser and it’s totally free...
It provides fast and bug free browsing
Looks like another Maxthon clone


TV-Browser is a program that will allow users to view TV listings.
...view TV listings. This free program will let you ...on an entry. TV-Browser will then open another...
Most recent in Free Browser
It will show you complete lists of the programs that will be broadcasted on your favorite channels
As this program uses online services to get the information it displays, it is only useful to view the listings from some countries in Europe and North America. It is not possible to use it with channels of the rest of the world

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