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A clock is called analog when it has a face and moving hands, usually an analog clock has its numbers marked from 1 to 12. This set includes free applications that will let you have an analog clock on you desktop. Some of the programs are screensavers, which means that that will activate only when your computer has been inactive for some time.

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Bohdan Rylko
A handy software tool that simply installs an analog clock on your desktop. analog clock on your desktop. This clock, however ...and functional analog clock on your desktop...
Most popular in Free Analog Clock
You can drag the clock to any position on your desktop
You can set the transparency level of the clock
Includes nearly 400 funny clock skins
Includes some complicated parameters
Lake Clock Screensaver
Lake Clock Screensaver displays a beautiful scene with a clock over it.
...with a huge translucent analog clock over it. The ...In short, Lake Clock Screensaver is a simple...
Lovely nature sounds
Nice graphics
Pleasant view
Not so many customization options
Mysterious Lakes Screensaver
This screensaver will bring a beautiful lake view onto your desktop.
...creatures look very realistic. An analog clock is displayed over each scene...
Very realistic view and sounds
Beautiful scenes
Excellent animation
Clock Mechanism Screensaver
Fascinating free clock mechanism PC screensaver (all Windows versions).
...RUNNING clock mechanism. The screensaver is free. When old-time analog clock in a screensaver...
Works on all Windows versions and all monitors(regardless of monitor resolution)
Optional) community toolbar available for Internet Explorer&Mozilla Firefox browsers. Toolbar e-mail notifier
Browser speed test
Not a single-step uninstall process . Standard uninstall removes only the screensaver. The toolbar requires a separate uninstall


Free, fully customizable clock with alarms and a calendar.
...aptly named "Clock!", features an analog clock that can be ...the program is absolutely free. Still, if...
Fully customizable
Happy Clock Screensaver
Happy Clock is a simple but funny screensaver of a big analog clock.
...of a big analog clock with flexible handles. The clock has a very ...get it absolutely for free.
Very limited customization options
Christmas Decoration Screensaver
Christmas Decoration Screensaver is a nice screensaver with a Christmas theme.
...The screensaver includes a huge analog clock with roman numbers and a completely for free.
Most recent in Free Analog Clock
Beautiful clock
Nice theme
No music or sounds
Talking Desktop Clock
Cinnamon Software Inc.
Talking Desktop Clock is a powerful and feature-rich clock application.
...Talking Desktop Clock is the ...analog or digital). Anyway, the most important feature of this clock...
Most downloaded in Free Analog Clock
Allows thorough customization of its look
Lets you select the voice (the "Agent") that will announce the time
It's free
Clock G2

Clock G2

Clock G2 is a comprehensive clock for your desktop with multiple options.
...standard digital clock, standard analog clock, analog world clock, digital world clock and countdown...
5 clock varieties
Fully customizable
Includes calendar, alarms, and e-mail checker
Skins are not very attractive
Analog Clock FREEWARE
Excode Software
Analog Clock allows you to replace your boring Windows by a customized one.
...skins of both digital and analog clocks, so you can choose the ...or later and is absolutely free.
Simple and intuitive user interface
Friendly Clock
A. Kilievich & Co.
Friendly Clock is a simple desktop clock for Windows XP and 2000.
...XP and 2000. This analog clock can be moved all ...when looking for a simple clock for your desktop, but...
Includes an alarm
Very customizable
Easy to use
Only supports Windows 2000 and XP
1888 ScreenSaver Clock
1888 ScreenSaver Clock is an austere screen saver with a simple clock.
...will place a large analog clock on your screen ...converted into a digital clock. It is actually a...
Most relevant in Free Analog Clock
Somewhat useful
Decorated with flowers
Very simplistic


JavaFX Samples Team
Analog Clock is an analog, skinnable, Windows tray clock replacement.
Analog Clock is an analog, skinnable, Windows tray clock replacement. Analog Clock is perfect for...
24h Analog Clock
Opera Software
A clock following the position of the sun throughout the entire day.
A clock following the position of ...Based on the Analog Clock widget, this clock shows an entire day...


Symmetricom, Inc.
SymmTime is a desktop clock with time synchronization options.
...choose between an analog and a digital clock, but also display multiple clocks, each synchronized...
Lets you choose the time synchronization server
Lets you set up alarms
It doesn't support recurrent alarms
Clock 2010 Screensaver
Yuriy Vikhirev
Clock 2010 displays the current time and looks like a real analog clock.
...displays a simple and very readable analog clock as your computer's as a desktop...
Analog Clock (2)
Opera widgets
This is a simple Analog Clock with three different Skins.
This is a simple Analog Clock with three different Skins.A nice analog clock. You can cycle...
Analog Clock

Analog Clock

Excode Software
Big, simple and easy to read analog clock for your desktop. an analog version of a clock showing the actual ...there are many free programs that perform the...
Easy to read
It does not worth its price

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