Forced Computer Shutdown Downloads

This set offers you various programs that help you quickly and safely shut down your computer. These tools prove to be of good use when you have multiple apps running on your desktop and force them to terminate without asking for permissions.

Forced Computer Shutdown download selection by Julia Bocchetta. May 25, 2015

Vista Start Menu
Vista Start Menu is an advanced replacement for Windows default start menu.
...also navigate to My Computer and its internal to automate the Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and...
Most popular in Forced Computer Shutdown
Easy to use
Adds more functionality to your start menu
Different skins to match everyone's style
Quick ShutDown
Shatran Software
You can shutdown, restart, log-off, stand by, hibernate, and lock your computer.
...ShutDown has a useful feature that allows you to force your computer will shutdown, restart, etc...
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It can be used from the command line interface
It allows you to force to shutdown opened applications
It doesn't have a task scheduler to schedule the computer any task
Force Shutdown
Force Shutdown is a little application that can save time at the last minute. can't shutdown a computer physically, meaning you ...booted Windows. Force Shutdown is a great...
Works every time
Shutdown Command
Shutdown Command automates shutdown, restart or log off operations. automate shutdown, restart or log-off operations of your computer. Its...
Tiny size
It's free
Poor design
Shutdown Manager and Tools
Shutdown Manager with many add-ons and Tools ! Shutdown (Shutdown, Restart, Logoff) computer in normal way or Fast Mode (forced). - Can...
Schedule reboot, shutdown of your local computer, shutdown remote computer.
...: ability to force shutdown, force if hung applications shutdown, shutdown remote computer with user...
Flash Shutdown Free
Flash Shutdown Free helps you shut down your computer safe.
...rebooting the computer are standard ...and even forced manually ...restarts and shutdowns would be much...
Easy to use
Allows you to create shortcuts and set hot keys
Brings nothing new to the standard options embedded in the operating system
Quick Exit
Quick Software
Quick Exit is an easy-to-use shutdown tool that allows you to shutdown your PC. shutdown, power off, reboot, log off with or without forced action...
Super Quick Shutdown
Super Quick Shutdown can turn off your PC in a blink of an eye.
...PC, including the standard shutdown, a force shutdown, and the quick shutdown mode, which is...
Most recent in Forced Computer Shutdown
Easy to use
Can turn off your PC using a hotkey without damaging it or your operating system

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