Font Installer Downloads

This set of applications will allow you to organise the fonts installed in your system and the font files located on your PC. They will let you preview fonts, install and uninstall them, locate unused font files, back up your fonts, etc.

Font Installer download selection is a descendant of our Font Manager by Jørgen Walters customized for you:

Manage My Fonts
Manage My Fonts
Manage My Fonts will help you to manage the fonts installed in your system.
...will help you to manage the fonts installed in your system. It will use each one of the installed fonts, in sequence. Under the "Detailed...
Most relevant in Font Installer
It lets you do everything you will need to do to manage your fonts efficiently
Font Xplorer

Font Xplorer

Moon Software
Font Xplorer is a useful tool for those who need to find a specific font.
...have an innumerable number of fonts installed on their system and need a list of all the fonts installed in your system as well as...
User friendly
Power packed
UI could be more attractive
The Font Thing
Sue Fisher
The Font Thing 0.80 is a program for managing TrueType fonts in Windows.
...will see the list of installed fonts. On the right you will the same, but using all installed fonts. "Characters" will display the ASCII...
It allows the user to easily manage any number of fonts. It´s free
It was last updated in 1999


JungHoon Noh (xiles)
NexusFont is intended to help you manage the font libraries in your system.
...make a rational use of fonts by installing or uninstalling them a ...the program lets you install and uninstall font packages very easily. It...
Most popular in Font Installer
It’s very easy to use
It allows organizing the fonts into groups and collections
It can find duplicate fonts
Inexperienced users should use it with caution
Font Runner

Font Runner

John Famiglietti
Font Runner is a complete font manager for Windows.
...let you know exactly which fonts are installed in your system. You ...the list of installed fonts by reading your Windows´ Fonts Folder. The...
It gives you more features than the Windows Font Manager
This program is a free and efficient Windows font viewer.
...many tools to make it a font manager. FastFontPreview is just a small notifies you if any font is already installed. In order to enhance...
Free program
Easy-to-use graphical itnterface
It doesn't require many system resources. (CPU, RAM, etc.)
It doesn't include many features
FontSuit Lite
Iseatech Workgroup
FontSuit Lite is a handy and low resource font manager.
...a color for every type of a font: installed font, loaded font, deactivated and missing fonts in order you can easily...
Easy to use
Very small size
Supports the most popular fonts
Not found

Some Font Installer downloads, not featured in Font Manager



Baraha Software
Baraha is an editor for Indian languages and can be used with MS Office. in-built word editor and associated fonts. It can convert the English words directly...
Most downloaded in Font Installer
Simple and easy to use
High-Logic B.V.
FontCreator allows you to create and edit TrueType, OpenType, and Web Fonts. compose and install your own and unique fonts. With over ...preview your fonts before installing. FontCreator is the first font editor to...
Create or edit TrueType, OpenType, and Web Fonts
You can test the results, create single or multi-color glyphs, modify scripts, validate glyphs, and fix or detect problems
Exporting and installing fonts, testing Web fonts, and extracting TrueType collections are not enabled in the trial version
Install Creator
Install Creator a very easy to use and professional tool to create software installations.
...tool to create software installations. It offers a ...registrations, installation of fonts, desktop shortcuts and more. Install Creator can...
The wizard mode is very easy to use, and gives great results
Just that window in the unregistered mode, but it's not so much
TamilBible Font
You may easily install font onto the computer by clicking the right mouse button.
...file and select 'install' or: by opening the fonts folder through Window, select the fonts you wish to install from an alternate...
Blacksun Software
Install, delete, find, and manage font styles on your PC.
...this program is to manage your fonts (install, uninstall, load, unload included in a font. Additionally, this font manager also allows...
Most recent in Font Installer
Comes with multiple built-in tools
Allows you to preview all installed font styles
Brings you a comprehensive help guide
Doesn't provide you with a font finder and downloader

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