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Sometimes the sheer number of folder on your hard drive can be so high that you lose track of them. This way, large folders can use up large amounts of your disk space, so it could be a good idea to keep an eye at how large this or that folder is. The software in the below list allows you to get the numerical or visualized data about the disk space your folders occupy.

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Ascendis Software
Shows file and folder sizes visually as nested rectangles.
...folder sizes in easy-to-understand nested rectangles - Displays sizes by actual size, used size...
Folder Size & Analyze Professional
SagaxSoft, Inc.
Professional folder and disk analyzer with detailed analytical reports.
...PDF files for archival purposes. Folder Size & Analyze Professional seamlessly retrieves detailed...
Produces up to 18 useful and neatly-designed reports
Fast analysis and report creation speed
Classifies your files and folders and detects duplicates
Dull interface with too many similar windows
View Folder Size is the latest version of an efficient add-on utility.
...make View Folder Size stand out against ...Convenient interface View Folder Size is the latest version...


Nikolay Avrionov
It allows you to explore folders in various windows and shows folder sizes.
...also show hidden files and folders; calculate folder sizes; and assign shortcuts for...
You can see the amount of space utilized by files and folders
The size of each folder may take some seconds to appear
Folder Size for Windows
Brian Brio Oraas
Folder Size for Windows shows sizes of folders seen in Explorer windows.
...and XP, Folder Size shows the sizes in a new ...and Windows 8, the folder sizes are listed within a...
Most downloaded in Folder Size
Allows sorting files and folders by size
Neat and lightweight
Hardly provides any settings
Folder Manager
John Papadopoulos
It will allow you to perform different actions with folders and files. will display folder size and let you change ...errors when dealing with folders that included many...
It includes actions with files and folders that are usually absent from common file browsers
It allows printing the list of files and folders
It generated errors when dealing with large folders
ViewFolderSize for WindowsME
View Folder Size for Windows ME helps you to view total folder and file sizes.
...Folder Size for Windows ME helps you view total folder and file sizes ...file and folder sizes in bytes...
Michael Thummerer Software Design
GetFoldersize allows organizing disk space by reporting file and folder sizes.
...reporting file and folder sizes. The application ha ...calculate file and folder sizes may take some...
Most recent in Folder Size
It’s easy to use
It supports various types of storage media
It can be used from the command line
It doesn’t display results graphically
Folder Size

Folder Size

MindGems Inc.
It identifies which files and folders take the most your disk space.
Folder Size is a free utility moving files and folders. This makes Folder Size neither a must...
Most popular in Folder Size
Quick scan of computer drives
Identifies the largest files and folders
Issues reports based on the largest, oldest, or newest files and folders
Charts appearance cannot be customized
Disk Size Explorer
It helps you to explore and analyze your hard disk space easily. and folder size usage analysis software ...include file and folder size, free space...
SizeExplorer Pro
JSD Software
SizeExplorer Pro is a powerful disk space usage analyzer.
...easily. Features include folder size, duplicates finder ...and reports (by size, extension, type...
ShowSize PE
AvniTech Solutions software reports sizes and numbers of folders and files... reports sizes and numbers of folders and file ...reports on the Folder Sizes and wasted space...
Disk Size Manager
Spadix Software
Disk Size Manager provides full information about our HDD size and content.
...know the size for each selected unit, folder, file, size, search for any file and folder, show...
Full featured Trial Demo
Excellent Help Guide
Easy to use
SizeExplorer Lite
JSD Software
Powerful disk space usage analyzer with folder size, charts and clickable report.
...easily. features include folder size, graphical chart ...and reports (by size, extension, type...
SizeExplorer Free
JSD Software
SizeExplorer Free is a powerful disk space usage analyzer.
...easily. Features include folder size, graphical chart ...and reports (by size, extension, type...


365DiskData is a disk data analysis application for Windows users.
...The pie chart shows the folder size composition of the disk summary ...locate large files and folders.
Ketara Software
Multi-threaded scanning algorithm for better performance and responsiveness.
...and obsolete files and folders. These are often used, measure folder sizes, and clean up...
Disk Space Inspector
AdvexSoft LLC
Disk Space Inspector is an analysis, file management and reporting software.
Disk Space Inspector is a feature-packed, yet easy to use, hard disk analysis, file management and...

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