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This type of programs will help you save precious time otherwise spent by manually searching for specific files on your hard disk. They are especially useful for users that store a large number of files on their discs. Also, these programs allow users to perform advanced searches by using different search filters.

Files Searcher download selection by Sergey Goldberg. March 23, 2015

Turbo Searcher
The fastest file search utility through your local or network computers.
...when searching within files. Turbo Searcher supports searching duplicate files on your system...
Super Finder XT
Super Finder XT is a tool that can replace Windows built-in search.
...attributes like archive files, read-only files, hidden files, system files, compressed, encrypted...
Most popular in Files Searcher Most downloaded in Files Searcher
Amazing features
High search speed
Multiple language and wild card support
MatSpoon FileSearch
FileSearch is a multi-threaded documents searcher.
FileSearch is a multi-threaded documents searcher. No indexes need to be...
Direct Folders
Code Sector Inc.
Access your preferred folders promptly and easily.
...from the File Open and File Save panel ...folders recently accessed through File Open, Browse For...
Quick & easy access to your favourite folders
Program info and help files only online
Search My Network
Control-F Search Technologies
File search software for LAN and desktop computer with built-in file manager.
...remove unwanted or temporary files, find duplicate files, track changes, audit, scan...
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Latest comments:
Currently, I am using another similar file search tool- Text Finding. I will download Search My Network...
Mufin MusicFinder
Mufin MusicFinder (powered by Magix) is a very complete digital music finder.
...completely analysing the file before it i ...It has a good help file offline and a comprehensive...
Good built-in music player. Good help file
It takes a long time to scan the entire PC looking for musical archives
Archive Searcher
Miniwish Software
storage of compressed archives utility.
...the Windows Find File function isn't ...Searcher is a specialized tool for finding directories and files...
Document Finder
GetPDF, Inc.
Find the information you want in PDF,DOC,XLS,PPT,RTF,HTM,TXT files easily.
...and plain text file (.TXT), Microsoft PowerPoint ...on file date, file size, file attribute, file type...
Sprintbit File Manager
Sprintbit Software
Sprintbit File Manager lets you manage files and directories on your computer.
...most known encryption algorithms, File Searcher, Split - Merge, Join Files, File Attributes and more...
EZ File Searcher
With the EZ File Searcher can find for files in your computer.
With the EZ File Searcher can find for files in your computer. This tool...
Instant File Find
Instant File Find helps you find any file on your computer instantaneously.
...searcher. It is amazing how quick Instant File ...for pictures, music files, video files or documents...
It helps you find files on your computer instantaneously
It's very easy to use
Great value for its price
Filehand Search
Filehand, LLC
Free desktop search the way you like it, without gimmicks or add-ins.
...searching. Supported files include Outlook email ...searching. Supported files include Outlook email...
Latest comments:
Filehand search doesn't work with windows 7 64 bits.


Guzner Software
RegMagik is an enhanced version of Windows Registry Editor. recognition of files and folders referenced ...One click access to files and folders referenced...
Duplicate & Same Files Searcher
Yury Malich
It's an app for searching duplicate files (clones) and NTFS hard links.
...Duplicate & Same Files Searcher is also surprisingly ...Duplicate & Same Files Searcher is a really...
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Fast search engine
Supports NTFS hard links
The interface cannot be customized
Audio Video IFilter
AimingTech Company
Audio Video IFilter is an indexing service filter for WMA, WMV and MP3 files.
...metadata in the MP3 files. Audio Video IFilter i ...With AimAtFile Fast File Search the IFilter helps...
Ask Desktop Search
IAC Search & Media
Ask Desktop Search will find anything you need in your computer and in the web.
...just can't find the files you need in your ...look for a file you will get several files with the same...
Very fast
Very easy to use
Very effective
OrphansRemover searches and deletes shortcuts with an invalid target.
...delete orphaned shortcut files. Support for user ...delete orphaned shortcut files. Support for user...


Flexigen Software
AccelMan is a multifunction program that lets you manage your files.
...planning on managing your files, viewing image folders, tag files and similar tasks...
It lets you generate HTML and text listings
It lets you manage your files
It works as a media player
CoolUtils Development
With this tool you can export the collected data directly to Excel or HTML .
This application defines the size of folders, including their subfolders and prints detailed reports...
Favoritestown provides a memorable way to organize favorites.
...frequently used PC files and programs. Favoritestown ...frequently used PC files and programs...

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