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A file tagger software allows editing the metadata of various multimedia files. These are mostly file editors for common audio tagging formats like ID3 (used in conjunction with the MP3 audio file format), or APE (digital audio files), but can also be taggers for JPEG, PDF, AVI and TIFF metadata. This software will allow you to edit and manage the metadata of various types of files with ease.

Music File Editor download selection is a descendant of our File Tag Editor by Darren Molde customized for you:

mp3Tag Pro
Organize your music collection by tagging and renaming all your files.
...Though traditionally associated to MP3 files, there are music tags available for, among others...
Most relevant in Music File Editor
Tag import and export capabilities
Connects to the most popular music databases and shops
Powerful renaming tools
Cluttered interface design
Softpointer Inc.
All-in-one tagging and renaming tool to keep all your music neatly organized.
...file tagging and renaming to a higher level. This comprehensive editor ...on how your music files are organized, these...
Comprehensive yet easy-to-navigate interface
Extensive set of extra tools
Support for all known ID3 tags


Florian Heidenreich
Automatize tagging batches of music files in various formats.
...and add the music files they contain to it ...organize your music files, Mp3Tags can also manage file copying operations...
Most popular in Music File Editor Most recent in Music File Editor
Supports various tag and audio file formats
Edit tags in batches
Downloads tag info automatically from online databases
No built-in audio player
1st MP3 Tag Editor
Edit all of your audio files' information and sort your music easily.
1st MP3 Tag Editor is an application ...can edit information about several audio files simultaneously. There is a lyrics...
It lets you rename files, sort music by category, by title or by artist
It lets you add lyrics
Its graphical interface is not very attractive


Alberto Farinelli
123Tag is an easy-to-use and effective tag editor.
...use and effective tag editor and file renamer for MP3 ...manage and catalog all your music files. Main features: - flexible...
Latest comments:
This is a very usefull program for tagging mp3 files efficiently. It has been a
real time saver for me!
Tag Clinic
Keve Zoller
Full-featured tag editor and file renamer for MP3 and other digital audio files. a single tag editor. Unique, full-featured tag editor and file renamer for MP3 and...


Peter Pawlowski
foobar2000 is a plain application that acts as an audio player.
...which is playing audio files, foobar2000 comes with some ...playback loudness for all files of your collection. This...
Can be set as your default audio player
Gapless playback and ReplayGain features
Provides advanced tagging abilities
Inadequately organized menu


TigoTago ® is a spreadsheet-based tag editor for media files.
...a spreadsheet-based tag editor for media files. This enables you ...a huge number of files. Convenient multi-selection...
MP3TagEditor is an intuitive audio utility that helps you to manage your mp3. You can...
...ID3 tag or your entire musical collection. Friendly, easy ...with mp3 files and want to keep their musical collection in...

Some Music File Editor downloads, not featured in File Tag Editor



Record, modify, and create sound tracks with a vast library of effects.
...the uploaded music. Speaking of ...Audacity works with files in WAV, AIFF ...multi-track audio editor and recorder for...
Deals with files in WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AC3, M4A/M4R (AAC), WMA
Record the signal from multiple devices (microphone, line input, USB/Firewire devices, etc.)
Record streams
Requires time for studying


Winamp player is designed to cover the large area of media file types.
...of video and audio media file types available today from the ...and is guaranteed to make your music and videos a lot more...
Most audio and video media files are supported
If loading a very large file, it will have a small loading period
It's hard to manage playlists
DJ Audio Editor
Full-featured audio editor with support for nearly all known media files.
...and well-organized audio editor software will let you and mix audio files - Record voices, music, and audio from...
Wide support for nearly all known audio and video files
Extracts the audio of your video files on the fly
Good range of audio effects and filters
You may miss some audio cleaning options
Full-featured professional audio editor with a plethora of filters and effects.
...them anywhere in other file, or whatever any files. GoldWave is a highly rated, professional digital audio editor...
Steep learning curve
Excellent waveform graphics
Intuitive and easy to use
Requires Windows 7 and 64 bit
Zulu DJ Software
Professional DJ mixing program with intuitive interface.
...mode for hands-free, seamless music mixing. - Supports .mp3 ...and it automatically scans the file for a beat, assigns a...
Intuitive interface
Suitable for all users
Auto play for automatic mixing
Virtual DJ
VirtualDJ is a software used by DJs to replace their turntables and CD players.
...and CD players, and use digital music instead of vinyl and CDs. It...
Most downloaded in Music File Editor
Great DJ toolset
Useful additional features
Requires practice

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