Shred Deleted Files Downloads

If you are in need of a secure file eraser, then the programs from this set will provide the perfect solution. They are designed to securely and completely delete files and folders, protecting against file recovery and thereby keeping the sensitive information truly private.

Shred Deleted Files download selection is a descendant of our File Shredder by Robert Polubinski customized for you:

Blancco - File Shredder
Blancco Oy Ltd
Blancoo - File Shredder is a very complete file erasing tool.
...or shredding free disk space ensures that files that you might have deleted ...window. If you want to delete a file, you simply have to add...
Most relevant in Shred Deleted Files
Good shredding algorithms
Easy to use
Good interface
Secure Eraser
ASCOMP Software GmbH
Secure Eraser allows deleting sensitive data securely. can delete the traces you leave behind while working with your computer, including files, folders...
It is easy to use
It uses powerful deletion algorithms
It allows creating deletion profiles
It supports cleaning data created by Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers are not supported
AEVITA Wipe & Delete
AEVITA Software Ltd.
AEVITA Wipe & Delete is a reliable and very fast files shredder.
...ultra-fast technique to shred your sensitive data files helps you to delete your files permanently, quickly and...
Wizard based very easy to use interface
Comes with many wiping schemes
Option to wipe free space of any drive
Not a freeware
MRT Files Eraser
MRT Software
Remove files permanently from a Windows Computer System using MRT Files Eraser. system. Sometimes we need to delete/destroy or permanently shred files from our computers. We want...
Easy to use
Not having much options
Asmw Eraser Pro
Asmw Eraser Pro is a security and privacy tool for Windows.
...privacy tool for Windows. It can delete certain files on your computer that can compromise your...
It does most of what it advertises
Old-looking interface
Simple File Shredder
scar5 Software
Simple File Shredder securely removes your private data from your computer. and tools. Deleting a file using traditional delete method of Window add files to be shredded. - You can also delete cookie...
A compact file shredder
Password protection
Color code to define file properties
Kernel File Shredder
Lepide Software Pvt.Ltd.
A professional file shredder tool that helps shredding files.
Kernel File Shredder is professional file shredder tool that helps shredding files by providing the facility to delete files permanently...
No Trace
MicroSmarts LLC.
No Trace 3.65 is a program that erases every trace of your activity in Internet.
...achieves this by deleting directories or files you specify, permanently ...all temporary files, and ensuring that the deleted files won´t be...
It´s a powerful program, easy to use

Some Shred Deleted Files downloads, not featured in File Shredder

Baidu PC Faster
Baidu, Inc.
Baidu PC Faster is a very complete set of optimization tools.
...disk space by erasing large files that are no longer ...defragment hard disks, recover deleted files and shred sensitive data. Something that...
Most popular in Shred Deleted Files Most downloaded in Shred Deleted Files
It's very versatile
It's easy to use
It can scan for viruses
You cannot choose problems to solve on an individual basis
Orion File Recovery Software
NCH Software
Effective utility for both recovering data and erasing files permanently.
...recover accidentally lost and deleted files or to shred confidential data permanently, Orion File Recovery Software provides you...
Wizard-like interface
Performs standard and deep scans of your local drives
Scrubs confidential data for good
Limited to local drives


simplitec GmbH
simpliclean is able to optimize your system performance.
...defragment the Registry, delete unnecessary files and empty the ...cleanup: Removes junk data and shreds deleted files. A reliable PC is...
It is very easy to use
It has nice and neat interface
It can free up system reserves by pausing unnecessary services and changing power saving options
It doesn't allow scheduling actions


BleachBit quickly frees disk space and tirelessly guards your privacy.
...was there. Beyond simply deleting files, BleachBit includes advanced features such as shredding files to prevent recovery, wiping...
Open source
Very simple to use
Fast scanning speed
The interface looks rather unpolished
FileMenu Tools
LopeSoft - Rubén López Hernández
This tool helps to work on both files and folders from the Window Explorer.
...elements, shred and overwrite the file completely and much more. Moreover File Menu supports Quick Shredding, Secure Delete with...
Most recent in Shred Deleted Files
You can customize files and folders
Shred and overwrite files
Some special commands are not changable
Attractive and efficient clean-up and management tool for your iOS devices.
...compliant technology, iFreeUp will powerfully delete and shred deleted photos and other files and also overwrites 5 passes or...
Straightforward and attractive interface
Efficient clean-up tool for all unnecessary files
Optimizes the overall performance of your iOS device

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