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File Search software programs are supposed to help the user find files or folders on his or her PC. The programs presented in this collection will allow to carry out the file search on the Windows XP operating system, the most widely used OS by Microsoft, released in 2001. The use of file search utilites comes in on this very OS very handy, since the native XP file search is anything but satisfying.

Most of the presented programs feature multiple search filters and other powerful options, allowing the user, among other things, to view contents of compressed files.

Search Find Files download selection is a descendant of our File Search for Windows XP by Keath Wyszynski customized for you:

MMD Explorer
MMD Software
A different approach to manage files. Organize you files by extension.
...scanning and searching; background search (allows you to work with found files when search is running...
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Search My Network
Control-F Search Technologies
File search software for LAN and desktop computer with built-in file manager.
...& LAN software computer find utility network file search engine finding duplicate files share sharing locate directory...
Latest comments:
Currently, I am using another similar file search tool- Text Finding. I will download Search My Network...
Instant File Find
Instant File Find helps you find any file on your computer instantaneously. quick Instant File Find finds any file you are ...searches specifying where to search the files, what kind of files...
It helps you find files on your computer instantaneously
It's very easy to use
Great value for its price
NorthStar Solutions
This useful search engine will help you find your text files. search for multiple files at ...find almost everything you are looking for. The software allows you to search your files...
It lets you open the files directly from the program's list
It's easy to use
It works fast
Software by DalesPlace
Fast Windows Find File Utility that adds 'Search Engine' capability to Windows.
SearchWin is a Fast Windows Find File Utility that adds Multi-Term 'Search Engine' capability to the...
Superior Search
NeuroPower Technologies GmbH
Superior Search is a tool that make to handle archived files. It offers a v...
...can define and search custom file types, for example to find text in source code...
Ultra File Search can help you find files and folders on different locations.
Ultra File Search is a search tool that can help you find files and folders on your hard discs...
It is easy to use
It provides several search types
It can perform real-time searches
It does not allow searching for specific file types
FileLocator Lite
Mythicsoft Ltd
FileLocator Lite is a file search utility for Windows. find files. There are some nice filtering features. You can filter your searches by file...
Easy to use
Very flexible
Eluent Tools
Eluent Software, L.L.C.
GUI search and replace with Perl plus other file and folder tools.
...multi-pattern, multi-file search and replace program that ...Perl scripting; Eluent Find, a file contents searcher and...
Ava Find
Think Less Do More
Ava Find 1.5.154 is a program to search, find and categorize your stored files. a program to search, find and categorize the files stored in your computer. When you...
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It´s very quick and accurate
Filehunter software
FILEHUNTER is a search file utility for WIN 98, ME AND XP + Vista.
...and text. Filehunter finds files, search files, ,search within search results, search zip files, view files use regular...
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Perry Tanko
No Windows 7 support? This needs an update; the author would find quite a few users...

Some Search Find Files downloads, not featured in File Search for Windows XP



It is a peer-to-peer file sharing program that uses the BitTorrent protocol.
...a powerful search engine that allows you to find and download various multimedia files such as...
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It´s extremely fast
It´s interface may be confusing for novice users
Rich text editor that provides syntax highlighting and code folding options.
...a help file where you'll find guidance on any ...has a search bar that can help you search across files, find expressions...
Supports various programming languages
Offers integrated FTP capabilities
Has an intuitive-caret editor
The interface can be confusing


EasyCleaner 2.0 - A complete tool for keeping your system clean.
...Undo files left by uncompleted installations, finds duplicated files on your computer, search for unnecesary files that...
Very simple and useful user interface
To clean Internet temporary files takes a long time and keeps the system busy until it finishes
Windows Search
A simple program that looks for files all over the computer. help you find files whenever you need it. It will search in your hard...
fast and simple, it's free
It's an update for your windows platform that should have been released before
Manage files, and automate file and folder operations.
...Windows. It features tabbed browsing, a powerful file search, a versatile preview, a highly customizable interface...
Offers quick and advanced file searching methods
Filters your files list
Supports customized scripting to automate certain tasks
It may take its time to learn all its functions and features


Find and delete duplicated files with minimum effort.
...searching and removing file duplicates on your computer. The fast search algorithm finds duplicates of any file...
Lets you preview the found duplicates
Provides you with various search filters
You can save search results for later
Unappealing interface

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