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This type of programs will help you backup your vital data on different storage media, such as DVDs, CDs, USB external drives, network drives, etc. These applications are designed to perform daily or scheduled backups and keep your important data safe.

File Backup Manager download selection by Bill White. March 21, 2015

GSA Backup Manager
Software that will create and manage backups almost automatically.
...that GSA Backup Manager can automatically create a backup (refresh changed files in backup archive...
ID Backup Manager
It is a utility program designed for registering an automatic backup.
...suits your needs. -ID Backup Manager encrypts backup-files using the AES awarded winner...
Backup SafeKeeper
SpeedApps Inc
Backup SafeKeeper Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files. backup your files. Backup SafeKeeper Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to...


Create full and mirror backups of important information.
...can decide to encrypt the backup file and protect it with a password...
Supports storing backups in the cloud
Supports filtering contents
Scheduled backups
Does not support incremental backups
Easy File Backup
Easy File Backup is an easy to use file backup utility. use file and folder backup utility. This simple freeware file backup software program...
Simply Safe Backup
Cannon Technologies
Make (unattend) backups with encryption. Backup to file, Zip, FTP, tape, CD/DVD.
...Choose our ultra secure backup file format, or an ...Choose our ultra secure backup file format, or an...
Acronis Backup & Recovery
Acronis, LLC
It allows you to backup and recover data from your computer.
...the backups before recovery or to check file backup plans and tasks, vaults, disk management...
Friendly-user interface
Ability to backup data online or within the computer
Creates and mounts bootable images
The online activation process may cause difficulties to inexperienced users
Backup Plus
Create easy to manage Windows Backups of all your important data.
...configurable Timed Backups Manager, allowing you ...configurable Timed Backups Manager, allowing you...
Acronis True Image Home
Acronis, LLC
A tool for backing up your data and protecting it in multiple additional ways. an incremental/differential backup, excluding certain file types from the job...
Backups your entire PC, entire drives or selected files/folders
Creates incremental/differential backups
Encrypts and password-protects your data
Forces you to create an account with Acronis
Save It
Easy Desk Software
Save-It is an automatic file backup tool, designed to save your user files.
...It is an automatic file backup tool, designed to save ...will keep all your backup files up to date...
Backup-2006 Studio
RD Technologies
...method is not enough Backup-2006 Studio includes classic...
...It supports File Access Manager technology to backup or copy any file in use...
BackUp Maker
ASCOMP Software GmbH
BackUp Maker can safeguard your information by making copies. into categories for easier management. Once a backup job has been finished...
Most recent in File Backup Manager
Is very easy to use
Allows two modes
Supports various target locations
Only ZIP is supported as archive format
File Fort

File Fort

NCH Software
FileFort is an user-friendly and lightweight backup manager.
...and lightweight backup manager. It can backup your data ...Once you create a backup and set its schedule...
Lacks more powerful features
RD Technologies
Powerful,versatile and easy to use backup and disk image software.
...user to restore a file or group of files quickly. Backup is built in...
Bamboo File Sync and Backup
Haxar Limited
It is a program that automates your routine manual file copying actions.
...mirror copies, not as unviewable backup files and schedule non-urgent copy...
NTI Backup NOW!
NewTech Infosystems
NTI Backup NOW! is a powerful and easy to use backup tool. compare files in the backup set to backup program handles open files, including...
Simple and easy to use. Totally intuitive wizard-like user interface
Lacks a simple way to allow novice users to save system settings
Backup Engine
A powerful Schedule & Auto backup software.
...Schedule Backup :: In Schedule backup option it takes the backup of your file/folder...
Latest comments:
Easy-to-use software for backup purpose.
CyberLink PowerBackup
CyberLink Corp.
PowerBackup is a back-up and restoration application by Cyberlink.
...time to do the backups yourself. There are ...incremental archives only files that have been modified...
Automated back-ups work great
Options to create back-ups of your favorites and cookies


Code 42 Software
CrashPlan is a very good backup software for online and offline backups.
...uses the same technique. Files to Backup should be selected by using...
Automatic backup scheduling
Free for personal use
Efficient encryption on all backups
Slow at star-up


Compress files in RAR and ZIP with faster compression speed and file recovery.
...organize and manage your archived files. With the ...decompress your files and protect your files from...
Most popular in File Backup Manager Most downloaded in File Backup Manager
Extract and browse files in archives in multiple formats
Complete support for RAR and ZIP formats
Intuitive wizard to pack and compress files in RAR
ZIP and RAR are the only formats supported for creating archives

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