Fast Internet Browser Downloads

The following set includes browsers that claim to be faster than their rivals on the market. The programs included range from the most popular Google Chrome and Mozilla Firework to hardly known Acoo or BlackHawk browsers.

Fast Internet Browser download selection by Alexandra Bela. May 03, 2015



Apple Inc.
Safari is a fast web browser made by Apple for Windows.
...don't have an active Internet connection. This feature ...of the fastest browsers rendering pages and...
Nice interface
Reading list
Reading view
Lack of support and interest by Apple
Avant Browser
Avant Force
Avant Browser is an alternative to other popular web browsers. the list of top Internet browsers, so I really recommend that you...
It has a dual-browser engine
It has a skinnable interface
It is available in several languages
The interface looks old


The Chromium Authors
Google Chrome without hassles: a free open source browser, reloaded.
...equivalent in this browser. There are plenty ...want: a great browser, extremely fast and customizable.
Most recent in Fast Internet Browser
Free, open source, lightning fast
Just the browser: without other programs running on background, like updaters
Currently Chrome seems to be more "finished" regarding some graphic details on the UI and dialogs
BlackHawk Web Browser
NETGATE Technologies
Blackhawk Web Browser is a fast and easy-to-use web browser.
...Blackhawk Web Browser was created with ...“converting” to this browser. Nevertheless, it’s advisable...
It’s easy to use
It’s fast
It has a nice interface
It doesn’t support all Chrome’s extensions
Acoo Browser

Acoo Browser

Acoo Browser is an Internet browser packed with rich features.
Acoo Browser is a freeware Internet browser for Window ...similar to Microsoft Internet Explorer, but...
Lots of new options to make it easier for us to surf the Net


Superbird is a Chrome's clone that doesn't send any private data.
...made to Google’s browser, related to the ...considerably more efficient than Internet Explorer. A quick...
It is easy to use
It preserves your privacy
It´s very fast
Superbird´s latest version can be somewhat outdated in relation to Chrome´s
Google Chrome
Browse the Web and sync your navigation preferences with your phone and tablet.
...Internet users, this free and functional browser ha ...computers and simple Internet browsing a true...
Most popular in Fast Internet Browser Most downloaded in Fast Internet Browser Most relevant in Fast Internet Browser
Pop-up blocker
Accessibility extensions
Private browsing
High resource consumer

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