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Formula 1 is an extremely popular single-seater car race. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy racing a real F1 car, on a real F1 track. Those of you who enjoy driving and who dream of living in extreme ways, while speeding on complicated race circuits, will enjoy playing games that simulate the F1 series of races. These games try to simulate the real F1 experience in every little aspect, providing great graphics and addictive career modes.

F1 Simulation download selection by Mary Nett. April 04, 2015

F1 Racing

F1 Racing

F1 Racing 2.0 is a great race car game with bonus points and extra lifes.
F1 Racing 2.0 is a good car racing...
Most popular in F1 Simulation Most downloaded in F1 Simulation
The graphics are great and you can see how your car get damaged with each crash
DJ OldGames Package: Grand Prix 2
MicroProse Ltd.
Grand Prix 2 is second racing simulator by Geoff Crammond.
...hardcore racing simulations. Microsoft's Monster ...emerged in racing simulations with Papyrus' 1993...
New Star Grand Prix
New Star Games Ltd
This is a top down arcade style racer, combined with a career mode.
...commonly associated with simulations. First impressions may ...with realistic F1 engine sound...
CTDP Formula One 2005
Cars & Tracks Development Project
CTDP brings the exciting Formula 1 2005 season to rFactor.
...been creating season mods since F1 Challenge, now with rFactor (created...
Great mod for rFactor
Small physics issues
RACE 07 The Official WTCC Game
Simbin Studios AB
Race 07 brings you more cars, more tracks and much more racing.
...sequel to SimBin's acclaimed racing simulator Race. As its predecessor, Race...
Most recent in F1 Simulation
Great graphics and physics
Good number of cars
System requirements are a bit steep
TORCS - The Open Racing Car Simulator
The TORCS Team
TORCS is an exciting open source racing car simulator with many features.
...The Open Racing Car Simulator, is a famous, exciting ...source driving car simulator game. TORCS has...
Very realistic 3D graphics
Many different licensed cars
There's no camera view inside the car
CTDP Formula One 2006
Cars & Tracks Development Project
CTDP F1 2006 is the best mod for F1 season 2006 in rFactor.
...based on F1 seasons. They switched from F1 Challenge to ...have released the 2006 F1 Season, and it's...
Great models and graphics
Great physics
A few AI bugs
F-1 Mania 2008
F-1 Mania is a new MOD for F1 Challenge racing game.
White line in wheels is not in mod because game dont make difference between soft tires with white...
Latest comments:
Very fun for F-1 fan... :)
you can pick your car,country,and many more... :)


Takashi Matsuda
GRacer is a 3D motor sports simulator.It's state of the art physical simulation.
...a 3D motor sports simulator. It's state of ...the art physical simulation engine creates realistic...
Formula PC

Formula PC

Imagine playing Formula PC with friends on the other side of the planet.
Formula PC is a concept developed by two Formula Dé fans in the United States. The project started...
Crazy Racing Cars
Crazy Racing Cars has amazing graphics and lots of different cars and tracks.
Crazy Racing Cars 1.0 is a free car racing game with amazing graphics. You will have different cars...
Amazing Graphics and Configurable tracks
Grand Prix Legends
Sierra On-Line Inc. Bellevue, WA 98007
It's the most accurate and compelling racing simulations ever created.
...most accurate and compelling racing simulations ever created. Based on an...
Super Monaco Grand Prix
Super Monaco Grand Prix consists mostly of one race: the Grand Prix of Monaco.
Super Monaco Grand Prix consists mostly of one race: the Grand Prix of Monaco (though represented by...
Alawar Entertainment
Roboball is a new incarnation of the once famous Breakout game.
Do you remember the famous old computer game "Breakout"? Well, Roboball is an arcade game and in...
Good graphics
Easy controls
FIM Speedway Grand Prix
The game allows the players to race up to 500 single-geared bikes with no brakes.
FIM Speedway Grand Prix 4 recreates the excitement of taking part in Speedway's FIM Grand Prix...
Grand Prix 1979 for Rfactor
Image Space Incorporated
GP 1979 is the mod for sim racers from a time when men were men.
...and Arnoux. Many hardcore F1 fans believe this is what ...pure, F1 racing should be about...
Great physics, graphics and gameplay
Older version setup/files won't work
Ringed Drag Strip
Strip Drag makes you enter a 3D car race with good simulations and easy control.
...your opponets in a F1 race car. Sounds and ...to a great experience and simulation of a car racing in...
Good Simulation in 3D Drag race car
Because of the heavy graphics, the pcs performance may be affected, we recommend to play it with all applications closed
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge - Drive for the world's most famous auto racing.
...racing team in the ultimate F1 competition. The table below details...

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