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In this category you will find programs that will keep track of all Windows events and then send notification messages about logon attempts, file changes, security problems, etc. But this is not all that these applications will do. Some of their features include email alerts, summary tables, data filter, exporting reports to text, csv, xml or html and viewing event logs of other PCs on the network.

Log Events Monitor download selection is a descendant of our Event Manager by Pete Clapp customized for you:

Event Log Explorer
FSPro Labs
It is an easy-to-use utility for effective Windows event log analysis.
...generated within Windows. Thanks to Event Log Explorer, monitoring and analysis of events recorded in Security, System, Application...
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Latest comments:
Good application for looking at Event Logs
Event Log Viewer Pro
The key to a secure and healthy PC is being able to monitor event logs.
...is being able to effectively monitor event logs. Use our pro-level software ...Research entries in your event logs by looking up entries on...
Lepide Event Log Manager
Lepide Software Private Limited
It empowers IT administrators with centralized management of Windows.
...management of Windows and W3C event logs. The tool makes windows event log management hassle free, simple, and...
Technology Lighthouse
It is an event log reader with log monitoring and event notification features.
EventMeister is a Windows event log reader with system wide log monitoring and event notification facilities. EventMeister gathers...
Pointesoft, LLC
EventlogIT - real-time 'Live' Windows event log reporting of network computers.
...keep you current. Features: - Real-Time Windows event log monitoring. - Real-Time reporting & email alerts. - Archive, search...
Adiscon GmbH
View and Report on multiple Windows Event Logs - no Agents required.
...monitoring multiple Windows machines. It provides a single powerful view of all event logs ...to look at each event log manually. Use this tool...

Some Log Events Monitor downloads, not featured in Event Manager

WebCam Monitor
WebCam Monitor is an easy to use camera surveillance system.
...the Internet, letting you monitor events from any computer with an ...photos. All monitored activity is displayed in an event log for quick...
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It is easy to use
It supports marking areas in which motion is ignored
It can stream IP video
It doesn´t support IP cams
EMCO Ping Monitor Free
Pings one or multiple hosts and monitors their state.
...e-mail. Additionally EMCO Ping Monitor provides you with detailed connection ...configured actions on these events. EMCO Ping Monitor Free is a...
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You can schedule the days and hours that the hosts will be monitored
You can use different views for monitoring the hosts, send e-mail reports, and execute custom actions to certain events
It allows you to monitor up to 5 hosts
Webcam Motion Detector
Use local and IP video cameras for surveillance purposes.
...the built-in scheduler. All monitoring and alert events are logged with date and time stamps. Each...
Supports both local and IP cameras
Highly configurable motion detection events
Issues various types of alerts
Too many options cramped in a single window

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