Predict Project Duration Downloads

This set contains several applications which can help you estimate the duration of the projects you're working on, helping you manage your workflow and your work time in a more effective manner. They can estimate the project durations either based on the time it took to complete past projects, or on other parameters.

Predict Project Duration download selection is a descendant of our Estimate Project Time by Etan Bourke customized for you:

Project Clock Standard
CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.
An application for planning projects that require time and billing management.
...tasks involved to the project, the duration of the time being ...reports, open project reports, summarized reports by project and task...
Most relevant in Predict Project Duration
You can synchronize the information with Windows mobile devices having the CE version of Project Clock installed
This standard version doesn't include a report designer and doesn't allow you to share time data over a network or Internet connection
RationalPlan Multi Project
RationalPlan Project Management Software
RationalPlan Multi Project: your software solution to manage multiple projects. RationalPlan Project Server * manage your company's projects and share ...time and costs * brings project's critical issues to your attention...


Innovation Net
It enables you to manage your projects and track your working time easily.
...estimated end date of a project according to its sub-item ...The planned start date. - The planned duration. - The desired end date. - The...
Project Clock Pro
CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.
Project Clock Pro - Record your Project Time with Project Clock.
...Project Time with Project Clock. Project Clock is a project time entry program. Project ...lawyers, contractors, project managers or anyone...


TimeCult is a personal task management and time tracking application.
...allows to create a hierarchy of projects and tasks, collect time metric ...quickly estimate used time per any project/task for a given time...

Some Predict Project Duration downloads, not featured in Estimate Project Time

Typing Assistant
Text auto-completion tool to help you type faster and more accurately.
...more accurately – its word prediction, auto-complete and auto ...and typos. Typing Assistant predicts and auto-completes your frequently...
Most recent in Predict Project Duration
Fully configurable tool
Support for a large amount of languages and keyboards
Takes up very few resources
Horoscope Explorer in 8 Laguages
Horoscope Explorer has marriage analysis with the popular Asht-Koota system.
...with a big set of charts and detailed predictions. If you are a practicing astrology you will...
Horoscope Explorer
Create your Vedic astrology birthchart with Horoscope Explorer.
...Vedic astrology software with comprehensive charts and predictions, Horoscopes, marriage match making, yearly progressed horoscope...
Most popular in Predict Project Duration Most downloaded in Predict Project Duration
Easy to use
Affordable price
The trial version does not allow users to modify the basic data

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