English to German Translator Downloads

This set includes dictionaries that will help you translate words, phrases, as well as entire texts from English to German, and vice versa. What's more, these are mostly multilingual translators, which support many other languages.

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Lingoes Project
It is a dictionary to translate words or texts into various languages.
...languages, like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian ...lets you translate into English. To have...
Most relevant in English to German Translator
Nicely-structured interface
Supports various languages
Translates both words or texts
When you translate long phrases, the translation may not be very accurate
ABBYY Lingvo Multilingual Edition
ABBYY Software
ABBYY Lingvo is a set of comprehensive, trustworthy and up-to-date dictionaries.
...provides translation of words and word combinations from Russian to English, German, French...
Easy to use
Simple and intuitive user interface
Great value for its price
Tialsoft software
This program allows you to translate any text among 24 popular languages.
...translate any text among 24 popular languages. These include English, Spanish, French, German...
Easy to use
Supports 24 popular languages around the world
Requires an Internet connection to perform its translation tasks
Ultralingua, Inc.
Ultralingua is a dictionary manager for Windows.
...Spanish-German Translation Dictionary, Spanish-Portuguese Translation Dictionary, Esperanto-English...
It´s a good reference tool, you can buy the modules you need


LingoPad is a very useful and compact offline dictionary for Windows.
...is very useful for German to English and English to German translations. Some other dictionary...
Option of defining a User Dictionary
None in particular
This utility is a simple and handy translation solution.
...other translation tools, it supports a rather small number of languages: English, German, French...
Allows translating directly from other applications
Can translate entire phrases
Neat and intuitive interface
Doesn't support many languages
Magic Translator
A simple-to-use translator for a variety of purposes, covering 54 languages.
...widespread languages, Magic Translator offers the possibility to translate from or into...
Most recent in English to German Translator
It saves the translation as a single document
It is a low-cost translator
It has a multilingual interface
It does not underline wrong written words
Global Translator
Global Translator is a multi-language translation tool.
...translation tool. It employs a machine translation engine to translate ...Chinese, German, English...
Nice interface
Not the best translation quality
SkyCode Ltd.
WebTrance is an automatic machine translation program.
...Bulgarian to English, French, German, Spanish ...for a human translator. The package includes...
It's easy to use
It's as inaccurate as every automatic translation program to date
PROMT Translation Agent
Translate from/to seven languages easily with this simple & free program.
...translate any text to anf from the following languages: English, Russian, German ...translation will...
Easy-to-use interface
Translate between seven languages
You can translate only up to 2000 characters
My Translator
My Translator is a free offline multilingual translator.
...translator that helps us translate ...English-Swedish, English-Spanish, Japanese-Russian, German...
Most downloaded in English to German Translator
Lots of dictionaries available
Instant translation
Possibility of adding new words, dictionaries
No words in upper case/capital
Cursor Translator
Cursor Translator is a machine translation tool for Windows.
...be translated. Cursor Translator has support for a good number of languages, including English...
Many languages are supported
Good concept
It is hard to use
Kevin Solway
GE Trans is an excellent software tool which is very effective in translating.
...in translating German language to English. For all those Germans who don’t understand English, it...
Translates from German to English
Huge database
Attractive formatting options available
The final outcome is not the pure translation
elcombri Translator
elcombri Translator 1.1 is a free English to German translator.
...will be able to translate English to German and German to English in an easy...
It allows you to translate from English to German and vice-versa
It's easy to use
It has advanced settings
It has no disadvantages
iTranslator gives us the opportunity to translate any text from/to 13 languages.
...and Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian ...view the translation in the second...
Uninstall option
Free trial version
The translations have a lot of mistakes
SlovoEd Classic English-German
Paragon Software
A comprehensive English-German dictionary and translation program.
...SlovoEd English-German has a built-in morphology module to help you translate in...
Features pronunciation sound modules
The program's size differs from main page to download page
Babylon Toolbar
Babylon Ltd.
Babylon Toolbar 2.0.0105 is an application to translate words.
...language you want to translate from between English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and...
Most popular in English to German Translator
It may be useful if you want to know the meaning of a certain word
L&H Power Translator Pro
Power Translator is a draft translator of foreign language documents.
...translating text in: * French to/from English * German to/from English * Italian to/from English...
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ABBYY Lingvo x3
ABBYY Software
Translates from Russian to other languages and back.
...provides Russian to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and back translation) or...
Great collection of specialized and explanatory dictionaries
Audio phrasebooks
English-German Dictionary
Rüdiger Werner & Kalyan Koora
An electronic bilingual dictionary to translate words from English to German.
...English-German Dictionary is an electronic bilingual dictionary which enables you to translate...
Terminology from different fields
No need to specify the language
A print option
Not very attractive interface

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