Embossing Photo Effect Downloads

The embossing photo effect represents a computer graphics technique where every pixel of a picture is replaced by highlight or shadow. The software on the list allows you to add this photo filter to your images.

Embossing Photo Effect download selection by Marisa Therezza. March 09, 2015



PhotoScape is intended to perform various operations involving photos.
...it lets you apply effects, some of which ...applying changes to multiple photos. Likewise, you can...
Most popular in Embossing Photo Effect Most downloaded in Embossing Photo Effect
It’s very versatile
It includes some rare features
It’s free
A redesign of its interface is needed
AKVIS Sketch
Turn your photographs into sketches or paintings with ease.
...you choose between multiple visual effects, and allows you to print...
Supports multiple input formats
Lets you print the results directly from its interface
Provides you with advanced options
You can find cheaper solutions
BlazeVideo, Inc.
It offers an easy solution for editing image files and creating slideshows.
...Blur and sharp effects are available, but ...reorder the photos, apply multiple transition effects, set...
Clear-cut interface
Multiple editing functions
Creates beautiful slideshows
Provides only basic editing features
Watermark Image
TSR Software
Batch watermarking utility to protect and copyright your photos and images.
...image or effect, and all ...chisel, and embossing of the text ...image to your photos, but also rotate...
Highly customizable text watermarks
Supports image and effect watermarks
Adds your copyright notice to the EXIF information
The interface could benefit from a better organization of the features provided
Frame Maker Pro
AMS Software
Frame Maker Pro 3.2 is an interesting application to apply frames to pictures.
...pictures or photos; it also ...to apply special effects such a ...invert colors, blur, emboss, etc. The...
Very interesting application for enhancing pictures with frames, borders and effects
BenVista PhotoZoom Classic
BenVista Ltd.
Resize and retouch your best images without any quality loss.
...of your digital photo enlargements? Resize ...specialized in enlarging photos while preserving quality...
Most recent in Embossing Photo Effect
Offers a long list of resizing methods and profiles
Supports S-Spline technologies
Crop, flip, and rotate images
Includes limited and basic enhancing tools
The Works

The Works

Cybia Software
A collection of eight free plug-in filters for Photoshop.
...simple yet useful effects for image ...photo. Although Photoshop itself offers a filter for embossing...
Most relevant in Embossing Photo Effect
It provides a variety of filter options
The effects might not raise strong positive reactions in professionals in the art of photography and image processing


Softdiv Software Sdn Bhd
Apply multiple effects and editing functions to multiple images files in one go.
...photos ...emboss, noise reduction, negative, pixelize, sharpen, soften, swirl, twirl and wave effects...
Edits any number of source images in multiple ways, in one go
Supports a really large number of source formats
Provides a large number of effects and editing functions
Doesn't keep the images original format
JPEG Resampler
David Macek
A powerful image editing tool that brings you dozens of configurations.
...attaching photos to ...effects to your images, like Blur, Sharpen, Trace Contour, Negative, Emboss...
Brings you two types of interfaces, for beginner and advanced users
Comes with many visual effects
Allows you to preview the resulted image while applying effects
Couldn't find any disadvantages
Belltech Photo Editor Max
Belltech Systems
Belltech Photo Editor Max is a professional photo editor and screen capturer.
...a professional photo editor that allow ...edge effects and others (perspective, shear, blur, emboss...
Easy to use
Simple, nice, and intuitive user interface
Professional tools
Picture Viewer Max
Accessory Software
Picture Viewer Max is a picture viewer and editor for Windows.
...display transition effects, play music ...effects, and even apply a great variety of filters like emboss...
Lots of functions
Easy to use
The interface looks a bit old
Falco Image Studio
Falco Software Company
Create, edit, and improve your favorite photos easily.
...brightness adjustment, embossing and mosaic effects, color filter ...on as many photos and pictures...
Supports layers
Offers a good choice of effects and filters
Includes all basic editing tools
Shuts down occasionally when performing resource-consuming tasks
IconCool Studio
Newera Software Technology Inc.
IconCool Studio allows you to create, edit and modify Windows icons.
...Embossing, Rippening, Swirling, Shaking, Solarizing, Antialiasing, Spraying, etc) and image effects...
Easy to use. Simple and intuitive user interface. Great effects and filters
Does not support Vista
Chris Spettmann Software
Photo Sphere is a complete and professional photo editing tool.
...mean removal, emboss, edge detect ...a few effects to your image ...In short, Photo Sphere is a...
Easy to use
Lots of editing tools
Spelling mistakes and mistranslations of terms
PhotoSEAM is an extraordinary image editor and texture painting tool.
...from digital photos. It ...emboss, mosaic, using poster colors, adding neon effect, sparkle effect...
Offers a collection of artistic, natural and 3D brushes
Supports 32bit film scanners, pressure sensitive tablets, Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-ins and PhotoSEAM/Photo-Brush Extras plug-ins
All the plug-ins do not work seamlessly
AMS Photo Studio
AMS Software
AMS Photo Studio is an image editor that allows you to enhance your images.
...great variety of effects like spray, and emboss, to name ...In short, AMS Photo Studio is just another...
Easy to use
Lots of filters and effects
Allows you to work with layers
Coly Photo Viewer
Coly Software
Coly Photo Viewer allows you to view and edit your photos.
...variety of effects that you ...noise, solarize, emboss, erode ...Photo Viewer is a comprehensive photo...
Allows you to edit your images
Lots of effects and image adjustments to apply
Nice and intuitive user interface
Batch Photo Watermark
Batch Photo Watermark allows you to protect your images with watermarks.
...text alignment, emboss, shadow, and ...cannot apply effects to the ...conclude, Batch Photo Watermark is...
Very easy to use
Lots of options for the text watermarks
Unattractive user interface
Photo Byte

Photo Byte

Fliperac Entertainment
It is a program with many effects and features easy to use and clean appearance.
Photo Byte is an easy to ...with various effects and filters such as wave, blur, diffuse, emboss, snow...
Fun Photo Animator
Web Graphic Software, Inc.
Fun Photo Animator is a photo morphing tool with a very user-friendly interface.
...animations using different photos and faces. The ...stunning transitions, fading effects, and 3D masks...
Easy to use
Built-in image editing tools
Real time animation preview with frame to frame editing support

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