Email Saving Application Downloads

With the rapid growth in email usage, it has become rather difficult to effectively manage and retrieve emails, which as the result may lead to information loss. With any application included in this set you will be able to save all you emails to avoid such problems. The programs will allow you to backup your email messages with attachments, your contacts, address book, the mail settings and even more.

Email Saving Application download selection is a descendant of our Email Saver by Haley James customized for you:

Sarcophagus Limited
Add-in component for Microsoft Outlook allowing the bulk saving of email.
...this Microsoft Outlook email tool, you can quickly manage email, move email, save msg. files and...
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Static EMail Backup
StaticBackup Inc.
Static EMail Backup 2.9e is a file backup/restore utility for Windows.
...the developers of this application had developed solutions for ...Features-wise, Static EMail Backup comes as complete...
Support for FTP, scheduler and CD/DVD burning
Nice interface
Wizard configuration
BackRex Mail Backup
BackRex Software
BackRex Mail Backup is an email messages and mail program settings backup tool.
...reader. You can restore saved email and settings later or ...BackRex Mail Backup also saves current configuration of your...
Adolix Email Backup
Adolix Email Backup is a powerful software that will backup your email. client to backup and for each of them what components to save ...Everything is saved to a...
BackupOutlook lets you back up and transfer Outlook data.
...and settings, including the emails, your contacts’ list ...Anyone can use this application, including beginners, as its...
Most recent in Email Saving Application
Can backup a lot of Outlook settings and data types
Can schedule the backup jobs
Static IncrediMail Backup
StaticBackup Inc.
Backup all your information an important files in one step!
...can have the option to save your backup information in a ...about open and closing each application to make your backup...
Excellent tool to backup your own information
Windows Mail Saver
Allows you to backup and restore any components of Windows Mail.
...restore any components of Windows Mail: email messages with attachments, Windows Address Book...

Some Email Saving Application downloads, not featured in Email Saver

BlackBerry Backup Extractor
Extracts data & files from BlackBerry .BBB or .IPD backup files.
...The application will extract all sent and received email messages into a 'Messages' folder, saved messages...
Most downloaded in Email Saving Application
Can handle BBB and IPD files
Well-designed interface
You can choose to extract a particular type of data
No Blackberry 10 support
MailStore Home
MailStore Software GmbH
A tool to archive and index email from multiple sources.
...on different computers. The application has an intuitive interface; ...files is saved in the form of emails. With MailStore...
It supports practically all sources
It allows exporting to other formats
It lets you find specific messages very quickly
It may be difficult for beginners to configure it
Neuxpower Solutions Ltd.
Compress documents, presentations and images and save storage space.
...saving storage space and sending them over email without difficulties. The application ...Instead, the application works by...
No quality loss whatsoever
Excellent compression rate
Automatic compression of email attachments
Some Office and PDF versions are not supported
Powerful but easy-to-use automated screen-capturing system. with options to save, modify, email, display, print and and open the shot in your default graphics application!...
Most popular in Email Saving Application
Simple and easy to use
Fully customizable
Includes an editor to add borders, paint areas, etc
Unattractive user interface

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