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These keyloggers will monitor the activity that happens on a computer and record every email, sent or received, and the typed message. They will basically record every key stroke. With the help of these tools you can also spy on chat conversations, find out passwords, view the accessed sites and used programs, and so on.

Email Monitor download selection is a descendant of our Email Keylogger by Philip Dann customized for you:

Local Keylogger Pro
Keylogger Online
Easy-to-use invisible keylogger software.
...Keylogger Pro allows you to monitor all users' activity on ...Keylogger Pro allows you to monitor all users' activity on any...
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WebWatcher Demo
Awareness Technologies
WebWatcher allows you to control your computer silently.
...engaged in. -Read every email sent or received on potentially dangerous people. -Monitor every website visited on...
Invisible Keylogger
Invisible Keylogger, LLC.
Invisible Keylogger is used worldwide by home and pro users!
...of desktop activity, composed email + more! What ...a superior stealth monitoring and surveillance application that...
Keylogger Pro
ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC
Secretly record and capture all keystrokes typed when you're not around! address every X hours. KeyloggerPro can run in total stealth mode for invisible monitoring ...for monitoring spouse...
SoftActivity Keylogger
Deep Software Inc.
A spy program which records the activity from your computer.
...Also the program can monitor the emails (sent and received) and ...proves to be a great monitoring tool but it can't be...
It can't be detected
You can warn the user that his activity is being monitored
You can't prevent the users from accessing certain website or files
Activity Logger
Spy software that secretly records chat, email, Internet, keystrokes, programs.
...from the monitored computer can be emailed to you ...viewer. Have Internet, email and every application usage statistics...
Great Keylogger
Great KeyLogger is an advanced application to monitor & record all PC activities.
...advanced application designed to monitor and record all ...Features of Great Keylogger: Monitors all key strokes, sent...
KGB Keylogger
ReFog Software
Log all keystrokes, applications and URLs opened on a local or remote computer.
You are buying a computer for your kids. You purchase tons of educational software for them so they can increase their...
WebMail Spy
ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC
Record all email sent and received: ALL POP3/SMTP, AOL, and web based email!
...foolproof and secure monitoring system. All e-mail ...WebMail Spy's powerful monitoring capabilities, WebMail Spy offers...
Online Recorder
ChildWebGuardian is filtering software designed to provide Internet child safety.
An advanced computer monitoring application the records email, chat, instant messages, keystrokes, windows opened...
Spytector is the most undetectable keylogger on the market! Windows 8 Compatible.
...completely meets your PC monitoring and surveillance requirement ...the default browser or email client (to bypass...
OverSpy is monitoring everything they do on computer.
...that happened on the monitored computer. But may be ...sites visited, passwords, all emails sent and received, all...
de Willebois Consulting
StarLogger records every keystroke made on your computer.
...See everything being typed: emails, messages, documents, web page your are monitoring to get the information...

Some Email Monitor downloads, not featured in Email Keylogger

Colasoft Capsa Free
It's a powerful and feature-rich network analysis app.
...messenger filters, mail monitoring functions, alarms, customizable ...Yahoo Messenger filters, email monitor and auto-save...
Very powerful and comprehensive
Intuitive interface
Supports customizable reports and graphs
Only 10 IP Addresses can be monitored using the free version
HomeGuard Pro
Designed for controlling the use of computers in home and office networks.
...based on specific events, chat and email monitoring and filtering, printer and USB devices...
Advanced Disk Space Monitor
Advanced Disk Space Monitor is a remote monitoring software.
...server or workstation via email alerts and reports. It can monitor each disk independently...
Scott's Gmail Alert
With Scott's Gmail Alert monitor any number of Gmail inboxes and labels.
...Scott's Gmail Alert monitor any number of Gmail ...and sounds. Instantly reply to emails without opening a browser. Works...
Easy to use. Nice interface. Full of features and options. Customizable
Works only for Gmail Accounts
avast! Antivirus
Powerful solution that protects your PC against viruses.
...junk emails, or most popular ones such as SecureLine VPN and Firewall monitor. To...
Most popular in Email Monitor Most downloaded in Email Monitor Most recent in Email Monitor
Offers lots of customization options
Has SafeZone Browser feature
Offers good performance and stability
The free version has restrictive features
Powerful Spam Filtering - Stop, Report and Fight Spam!
SpamAgent is the latest in email monitoring technology. SpamAgent is a powerful email monitoring and filtering tool that...

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