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People use a great amount of different cards in their lives, like business cards, SIM cards, credit cards, PC cards etc. As for cards associated with computer technology, they are also widely used. The programs listed below will help users manage smart cards, match credit card transactions, create flash cards and so on. All the information about cards can be printed, saved, copied.

Manage PC Card download selection is a descendant of our Electronic Card Manager by Daniela Stiglitz customized for you:

Dekart SIM Manager
Dekart SIM Manager 2.4 is a SIM card reader for Windows.
...the contents of the SIM cards. Dekart SIM Manager can read from and write...
Easy to use
Clear interface
Works with PC/SC-complaint readers
Credit Card Manager
Manage your credit cards with this financial software. Published by Dataware.
...easier. Published by Dataware. Credit Card Manager helps you manage your finances by keeping up...
Smart Card ToolSet PRO
Discover any ISO-7816 smart card on the APDU level easy!
...use any of PC/SC compatible smart card readers; 3) to manage the readers opening/closing...
Most downloaded in Manage PC Card
Latest comments:
The tool is just awesome, the only con is that this is a demo version.
Home Credit Card Manager
Credit Card Budget - Home Money Manager
Home Credit Card Manager is a personal finance program for Windows. tools, Home Credit Card Manager is most effective when ...for a plain credit card management software. But it lacks...
Java version available
Simple and easy to use
No security
Presto! BizCard
NewSoft Technology Corporation
BizCard manages your contact database and creates business cards.
...that helps to manage your contact database and to create business cards in English...
Portable and powered through USB connection
No automatic document feeder
Flash Card Manager
Flash Card Manager software optimizes your study time.
Flash Card Manager is software for Microsoft Window ...or thousands of flash cards. As each flash card is reviewed, you...
RoMac Sound Card Manager
RoMac Software
It allows you you set up each of your apps that use a sound card.
RoMac Sound Card Management is a program that ...program, the RoMac Sound Card Management utility will return all the...
Charabi Ltd
It allows you to create phone labels compatible with Ericsson phones.
The Designation Card Manager Software makes it possible for ...phones. All you need is a PC and printer. You can use...
Credit Card Manager Pro
Keep track of credit cards, payments, balances, phone numbers, etc. numbers, etc. Monitor your credit card payments and balances. Never miss a payment...
Easy Card Creator Enterprise
Easy Trinity
Create ID cards for your staff easily with this program.
...lets you create custom-made ID cards for the staff of your to the back of the card, providing that you have the...
Many options
Not very easy to use
CHIPDRIVE Smartcard Commander
SCM Microsystems
It enables you to manage and edit the data on a variety of smart cards. edit and manage data saved on different types of smart cards. The software...
Home Credit Card Manager Lite
Credit Card Budget - Home Money Manager
Use your credit card statements to find out where your money is being spent.
Home Credit Card Manager Lite lets you find out done for you! Home Credit Card Manager Lite lets you find out where...
Business Card Manager
EJobSoft LTD.
Business Card Manager was developed for organizing business cards.
...among them. Business Card Manager is tiny application ...useful feature of Business Card Manager is possibility of sending...
Small size
High price

Some Manage PC Card downloads, not featured in Electronic Card Manager

Dashlane Inc
Password manager, Internet form filler, and password generator tool.
Dashlane is a password manager and Internet form filler tool. Its...
Most popular in Manage PC Card
Simple-to-use interface
Automatic form filler
Uses the powerful AES encryption standard
Restarts the supported browsers upon installation


Gainward Co. Ltd.
It enables users to customize their GPU configuration.
...efficient desktop management for your graphics card. It enable ...regarding their graphics card as memory and core...
Most recent in Manage PC Card
It´s a handy tool to manage nVidia GPUs
Most of the features are already present in Windows
ID Card Workshop
ID <b>Card</b> Workshop Team
ID Card Workshop is a professional membership management and ID card software. Powerful Membership Management Features The membership management features of ID Card Workshop has three...
LionSea Software inc
CardRecoveryPro is everything you need to get photos all back. cameras, memory cards, Flash Cards, USB storages devices, CF Card, SD Card (Mini SD, Micro...
Easy-to-use and intuitive
Fast scanning speed
Supports multiple types of memory cards
Its interface cannot be resized or customized
All My Movies
Bolide Software
Movie catalog manager and video player with IMDB data support.
All My Movies is a movie catalog manager and video player. It lets you...
Catalogs all your movies and TV shows
Displays detailed information about every title
Fetches data from credible sources
No considerable disadvantages
Data Doctor Recovery - SIM Card
Pro Data Doctor Pvt. Ltd.
Data Doctor Recoery – SIM Card can retrieve data from SIM cards. etc. Sim card data manager utility supports all GSM sim cards subscribed to any...
It is easy-to-use
It can retrieve various types of information successfully
It supports only TXT as output format

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