DivX Encoder Downloads

DivX is a popular video format due to its ability to compress videos of large sizes into high quality video segments of smaller sizes.

Applying any of these software programs, you will be offered to encode, compress or edit DivX files easily and without the need of any additional knowledge.

DivX Encoder download selection by Haley James. February 22, 2015

DivX Author
DivX, Inc.
Divx author 1.5 is a world’s first specially designed editing solution.
...to create and edit DivX videos more quickly and ...multiple videos into one DivX video. This feature...
This tool has come up with improved features like importing, video editing and trimming and menu customization
Its very time consuming to go through with help menu to understand all the features
Free DivX Converter
This application lets you convert video files into DivX files.
...of this program are "DivX Encoder" and "DivX Decoder", with "DivX Encoder" you can convert...
Video Encoder
A free multi-codec tool to convert to and from the most-used video formats.
Video Encoder is a free multi-codec transformation...
Most recent in DivX Encoder
It supports all the most widely used video codecs
Fast performance speed
The lack of preview capabilities complicates customizing tasks
Pocket DivX Encoder
X-Powered-By: XTreme
A DivX Encoder program that enables you to play videos on your portable devices.
...or Palm, the Pocket DivX Encoder is the tool you ...use with the Pocket DivX Encoder program and it is...
Most downloaded in DivX Encoder Most relevant in DivX Encoder
Free without restrictions
High use of system resources
Auto Gordian Knot
Simple, speedy, easy-to-use, high quality tool for XviD/DivX encoding.
...other free ripping and encoding tools, which it ...handle XviD and DivX encoding and also supports CBR...
Most popular in DivX Encoder
Extremely easy to use
Relatively fast
Simple and very user friendly UI
Limited configuration


Sonic Solutions
A powerful application designed to transcode video formats to DivX.
...DivX. - Uses available DivX encoder If you install a new version of the DivX encoder, Dr. DivX...

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