Distance Learning Software Downloads

Distance learning software gives you the tools needed to succeed in online classes and correspondence courses. It brings additional educational material for students or teachers. Also, it is designed for using at school classrooms or for home education.

Distance Learning Software download selection by Etan Bourke. April 03, 2015

Wolfram Mathematica
Wolfram Research, Inc.
A computational piece of software that offers solutions to several industries.
...Statistics, Business Analysis, Software Development, Science, Education ...for one to learn how to use...
Includes free-form linguistic input
Broad statistics and data visualization capabilities
Large number of engineering tools


Ginger Software
Ginger is a proofreader that checks your spelling and grammar.
...respect, the program becomes a useful learning tool for people with dyslexia...
Most recent in Distance Learning Software
It’s easy to use
It uses natural language analysis
It can provide synonyms based on the context
It may slow down your typing
Appalachian Multimedia Corporation
Create and play your own jeopardy style gameshow presentation.
...subjects into a fun learning opportunity. Make your ...Visual & Auditory Learning Engage and Motivate...
Raptivity Active Learning TurboPack
Harbinger Knowledge Products
Quickly and easily create learning interactions with Active Learning TurboPack.
...Scenario Based Learning and Activity Based Learning. The Scenario Based Learning activities provide...
Linguata Spanish (South American)
Veneficium Ltd
A fun way to learn basic Spanish words and phrases using learning games.
...language. It is language learning software that makes language learning easy, efficient and...


Innovative programming software specially created for kids and totally free.
...created with this software are built through ...languages are difficult to learn. But Scratch is a...
Most downloaded in Distance Learning Software
Very easy to learn
TypingMaster Pro
TypingMaster Inc.
This application allows users to improve their typing skills.
...to do to start learning is to read the ...get increased by using this software. The free trial version...
Most popular in Distance Learning Software
It's easy to use
It improves typing skills
It has a friendly interface
It has no disadvantages
KeyBlaze Typing Tutor
NCH Software
KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is a handy typing trainer and testing utility.
...is a truly complete package for learning, practicing and improving typing speed...
Includes an initial test that helps you determine your current typing skill level
Includes entertaining typing games


Filip Kabrt
Wakan is a comprehensive learning tool for the Japanese and Chinese.
...is a comprehensive learning tool for Japanese ...will assist users in learning two languages by...
The tool can be used even if Chinese and Japanese are not available on the user's PC
The tool allows users to add their own word lists to the database
The tool does not provide Chinese and Japanese characters by default
Russian-English Transliteration
Program for transliterating Cyrillic words to Latin alphabet and vice versa.
...Also, you can learn how a Western ...a dictionary nor translation software, but merely a transliterator...
It only transliterates words, it is not a dictionary
Smart Kid - Learning My Numbers
South Beach Software
Smart Kid - Learning My Numbers can help your kids learn the numbers.
...that the kid will learn to recognize colors too ...to do with the learning process. They also get...
Weird phrases that get annoying

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