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Disk speed monitorong applications are helpful when you want to measure the hard drive disk speed and performance. Some of them offer only a speed test and others can also perform complex functions like disk space utilization analysis or duplicate files removal.

Disk Speed Monitor download selection by Pete Clapp. March 26, 2015

HD Speed

HD Speed

HDSpeed by SteelBytes is a nice little application to measure your HD's speed.
...to measure your HD's speed. That is really all ...and average speeds and the bursts of speeds that you...
Shows you the hints of potential performance problems
Hdd Speed Test Tool v.
Marko Oette
The HddSpeedTest utility will offer two methods to test your drives speed.
...to test your drives speed. A high drive speed is essential for good...
Hard Disk Sentinel
H.D.S. Hungary
Prevent data loss due to hard disk problems using S.M.A.R.T. technology.
...disk problems. It uses S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring ...S.M.A.R.T. data, disk performance, and alerts...
Most downloaded in Disk Speed Monitor Most relevant in Disk Speed Monitor
Various types of tests
Supports S.M.A.R.T. technology
Supports various HDD types
Not suitable for basic users
Flexense - Data Management Software
Complete multiple types of disk-related operations on your Mac.
...of disk-related operations, such as disk usage ...you easily analyze disk usage and organizing...
Most recent in Disk Speed Monitor
Compatible with multiple types of data storage containers
Comes with various built-in tools
Provides you with a SMART report
Not recommended for beginners


CrystalMark is a 32bit total benchmark software for pc.
CrystalMark is a 32bit total benchmark software. You can test your: CPU (ALU/FPU),Memory,HDD...
Indigo Rose Corporation
...Inlcude a DOS based defragmenter, Disk Cleaner and a HDD benchmarking...
...the software include a disk benchmarking utility, "HD-Tune ...benchmark your hard disk and see the...
EVEREST Ultimate Edition
EVEREST Ultimate Edition is the best software for getting system information.
...to monitor the temperature of CPU, GPU, and hard disk ( ...section can compare the speed of your CPU and...
Most popular in Disk Speed Monitor
Lists all hardware / software data
Small program
Benchmarking section is small
DiskBoss Pro
Flexense Computing Systems Ltd.
DiskBoss Pro is intended to manage and provide information about your disks.
...intended to manage your disks’ contents. This app ...detect duplicates on your disks, and after that...
It is easy to use
It allows searching using various rules
It lets you synchronize contents between two locations
Frequent operations as copying and pasting are not represented as buttons in the toolbar
Ashampoo HDD Control
ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
Control the health of your hard disks and removable drives to prevent data loss.
...series of self-monitoring indicators that will ...will still monitor your disks permanently, warning...
All-in-one disk management tool
Clean-up features
Disk defragmentation
Some features are for advanced users only
HDD Life Pro
BinarySense Inc.
HDD Life Pro is a free application that allows you to test your hard drive.
...can carry out a speed check. The process require ...get a really low speed, you know that something...
Gives you timely warnings

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