Remove Temporary File Downloads

These applications will allow you to quickly find and effectively remove any unnecessary files from your hard drive, such as: temporary files, browsing history, cookies and so many more. They usually decrease the performance level of your computer.

Remove Temporary File download selection is a descendant of our Disk Cleaning Tool by Paul Malgey customized for you:

SBMAV Disk Cleaner
SBMAV Software
SBMAV Disk Cleaner helps you increase the free space from your hard disk.
...helped me remove junk files and duplicate files straight away efficiently in removing all junk files from my hard...
Most relevant in Remove Temporary File
User-friendly interface
Locates all duplicate files
Comes with an application uninstaller and a disk analyzer
To get the latest version, you need to update the program from the Help menu
Wise Disk Cleaner
Removes all junk, temporary, useless system files to free up disk space.
...uninstalled programs, Windows temporary files, etc. Before ...files that Wise Disk Cleaner offers to wipe out, and remove...
Most popular in Remove Temporary File
Creates a restore point for extra security
Allows you to schedule the cleaning process
You can check and select the files to be deleted
No real drawbacks found during the review
TreeSize Professional
Joachim Marder, JAM Software
Shows which files and folders occupy most of your disk space.
...Extensions, Users, Age of files, Top 100 files, and History. The ...disk space usage of your files and folders at a glance...
Shows you the files and folders that take up the most disk space
Offers you multiple views with very detailed information
Exports the resulting information in several formats
Might be hard to use for beginners
History Clean
| Inc.
History Clean lets you clean up traces of your computer like deleting cookies...
...sent/received, websites visited, files deleted and much more. You ...Plug-ins for the removal of other application tracks...


Steven R. Gould
CleanUp! is a powerful and easy-to-use application .
...and easy-to-use application that removes temporary files created while surfing the web, empties...
Most downloaded in Remove Temporary File
Latest comments:
It's work very smooth and accurately
HS WinPerfect
Yenicag Bilisim Ltd
All-in-one disk cleaner,memory,tweaking,processes and security management tool.
...and unused including internet cookies,temporary files and caches. * Removes duplicate files on the disks * Clean...
Disk CleanUp
Gregory Braun Software Design
Disk Cleanup completely clears files that you deleted previously.
...a file it will be just removed from the file's directory ...It cleans Web Browser Temporary Files Folder, Cookies Folder...
Vista enabled
Cleans one drive at a time
YL Software
Use this amazing tool to customize, optimize, and update your system.
...system information, delete unwanted files, folders and recycle bin ...recover already deleted files and much more...
Keep your system well maintained
Speed up your system performance
Monitor system activities, provide password protection
XP Disk Cleaner
XP Tools Software
A powerful tool for cleaning disks from information that clogs your system.
...Often, they will not been removed because of a program error ...can search and delete temporary files and folders and other...
LCleaner is a FREE tool to free up space from temporary files and clean registry.
...can clear system temporary files, user temporary files, Windows log files, Windows memory dump files, recycle bin...
Latest comments:
so easy and useful

Some Remove Temporary File downloads, not featured in Disk Cleaning Tool

Windows CleanUp!
An application that removes temporary files from Windows to optimize the system.
...Aside from temporary files and useless registry ...use application that removes temporary files created while surfing...
Custom and Default cleaning modes
Demo mode runs a test without deleting
Provides a summary
No Windows 64 bit support
AVS Registry Cleaner
Keep your Windows registry clean and get rid of all unnecessary files.
...types of junk files, temporary Internet files, broken shortcuts, etc., removing all unnecessary files to help you...
Includes clean-up features to remove junk files
Creates restore points before removing any files
Offers to back up your registry and system
Stop fixing" button offers a slow response


Boost up the performance of your system with just a few clicks.
...remove cache data from your PC, delete diagnostic logs and temporary files ...will launch faster, files will open quicker...
Fast processing speed
Provides you with instructions
Gives you access to a detailed report once it completes its job
Unappealing interface
Revo Uninstaller
Uninstall unneeded applications and remove leftovers.
...cleaner - remove recently opened files history, temporary files; Unrecoverable Delete Tool - erase files and folders...
Most recent in Remove Temporary File
Use a forced uninstall
Trace a program’s installation
A unique feature, called Hunter Mode, which lets you uninstall an application, kill its related process and open its folder
Does not support batch uninstall
Find and remove temporary, cache, history and backup files on all your drives.
Find and remove temporary, cache, history and backup files on all ...will protect recent used files. Drives and folders can...

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