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Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world. The number of its native speakers exceeds 400 million people. Spanish belongs to Ibero-Romance group of languages and has the status of the official language in twenty countries.

This set offers you a number of free and commercial dictionaries of Spanish that will help you learn Spanish and translate from Spanish to other languages, and vice versa.

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Lingoes Project
It is a dictionary to translate words or texts into various languages.
...Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and many others. The preinstalled dictionaries lets...
Most popular in Dictionary of Spanish
Nicely-structured interface
Supports various languages
Translates both words or texts
When you translate long phrases, the translation may not be very accurate
ABBYY Lingvo Multilingual Edition
ABBYY Software
ABBYY Lingvo is a set of comprehensive, trustworthy and up-to-date dictionaries.
...German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish ...dictionaries such as Collins. Each dictionary...
Easy to use
Simple and intuitive user interface
Great value for its price
My Translator
My Translator is a free offline multilingual translator.
...bilingual dictionaries in English-Russian (the biggest one), English-Swedish, English-Spanish...
Most downloaded in Dictionary of Spanish
Lots of dictionaries available
Instant translation
Possibility of adding new words, dictionaries
No words in upper case/capital


Pardon is a versatile dictionary, free and with powerful features.
...you can download more dictionaries (ex. English-Spanish) that will help you...
Easy-to-use interface
You can download many other dictionaries


WebDicty is a small & easy-to-use dictionary that uses popular on-line resources.
...simple yet versatile dictionary that uses the ...the following languages: Spanish, English, German...
You can search for definitions among 9 languages
The program shows related words to the word you were searching for
Italian-Spanish translation dictionary
A comprehensive dictionary for translating from Italian to Spanish and back.
...the opposite language. IdiomaX's Italian-Spanish Translation Dictionary is a very useful and...
Very comprehensive
Includes a conjugation feature
Spanish-English translation dictionary
A dictionary for translating between English and Spanish.
...this reason, an English-Spanish/Spanish-English dictionary comes in handy when reading...
Includes a useful verb conjugation feature
Can be expensive for some people
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2007 English<->Spanish for Windows
Translate words in English and Spanish, get synonyms and hear them pronounced!
...Talking Dictionary 2008 English <-> Spanish for ...support for the dictionary languages installed. So...
Most recent in Dictionary of Spanish
You can buy it online
It's a lightweight application
You can hear the correct word pronunciation
Each piece includes only two languages at a time
Spanish & Armenian Dictionary
Armenian Dictionary Software Inc.
Spanish & Armenian Dictionary is a dictionary with over 70,000 words.
Spanish & Armenian Dictionary is a dictionary with over 70,000 words with full Spanish and Armenian...
Most relevant in Dictionary of Spanish
SlovoEd Compact English-Spanish
Paragon Software
A compact English-Spanish electronic dictionary and translation program.
...powered by Una. The English-Spanish dictionary contains 52,300 entries and...
Features sound modules
Program sizes differ from main page to download page
Collins Spanish Dictionary
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
It offers the most complete picture of real language available today.
...of the market-leading Collins Spanish dictionary uses Collins' unique multimillion-word...
MadCap English-Spanish Dictionary
MadCap Software
MadCap English-Spanish Dictionary is an add-on to Lingo.
MadCap English-Spanish Dictionary is an add ...In fact, the English-Spanish dictionary is an add-on to...
The program can translate all texts that matches its language database
Developer claims that Microsoft SQL Server Express is not required to run MadCap Lingo. However, without it, users will not be able to create a Translation Memory database (a 235MB additional download). And you need those to work translations. The price is excessive
Pop-up Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary
e Learn Aid® - The Dictionary Store
Gives users access to the 170,000 words and phrases and 240,000 translations.
...translations from the Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary. - Get instant results. iFinger Pop...
ProLingo English Spanish Dictionary
ProLingo Software
It provides a professional english to spanish translation of text documents, etc.
...custom English to Spanish and Spanish to English additional dictionaries. Registered version include...
Latest comments:
Does the translator work offline?
IdiomaX LLC.
Is a smart tool that helps you learn easily Spanish.
...English to Spanish dictionary. Languages Included: - English to Spanish Dictionary - Spanish to...

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