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Desktop Gadgets are Microsoft lightweight applications or software widgets that are placed on your computer desktop or hosted on a web page. They are intended for: decorating your desktop, providing you with clocks, alarms, or reminder, quickly accessing various services like news or search, adding shortcuts for your folders, and much more.

Desktop Gadget download selection by Alexandra Bela. May 01, 2015

Bing Desktop

Bing Desktop

Bing Desktop decorates your desktop with images downloaded from Bing. decorate your desktop using wallpaper image ...In general, Bing Desktop has an advantage of...
Most popular in Desktop Gadget
It is very easy to use
It downloads very nice pictures
It requires practically no intervention by the user
It does not allow changing the images manually


Helmut Buhler
Get access to various gadgets and boost up your productivity.
...Custom (place the preferred gadgets anywhere on the desktop). All you need...
Most downloaded in Desktop Gadget Most recent in Desktop Gadget
Provides you with various types of gadgets
Uses minimum CPU resources
You can set the gadgets on top of other running apps
Some app buttons are hardly visible when the Sidebar view is enabled


Respect Soft
VistaClock is a simple and free desktop clock gadget. a simple desktop gadget that displays a for a simple desktop clock without any major...
Allows you to set up alarms, including recurring ones
Lets you toggle chimes and "always on top"
Includes timers and a "world clock" option
Comes with only 2 skins and doesn't offer any customization options
Fire Heart Desktop Gadget
Laconic Software
Fire Heart will put a flaming heart on your desktop.
...on your desktop. This unique and beautiful gadget will allow part of your desktop from now on.
Very beautiful
Nothing worth mentioning
ITWorx Prayer Times Gadget
ITWorx Prayer Times Gadget reminds you of the five Islamic Prayer Times.
...Windows Vista or Seven desktop. It will remind ...on your desktop. The controls for this gadget are...
It is accurate
WinAmp Control for Google Desktop
Kirill Zinov
Adds the ability to control the Winamp player from Google Desktop Search.
...Google Desktop Search application. But what are the gadgets anyway? The gadgets are...
It's free
Pretty convenient
Not a Google tested plug-in
SE-DesktopApps is a program that will give you some desktop utilities.
...provide you with some desktop utilities. This program ...a clock on your desktop. You can choose the...
It allows you to define some direct access in your desktop
The unregistered version locks most of the features. The Solitaire button does not work in Windows 7
PhotoFeed is a gadget that delivers cool colorful photos right on your desktop.
PhotoFeed is a gadget that delivers cool colorful photos right on your desktop. Best...
HDDlife Google Desktop Gadget
BinarySense Inc.
Monitors and take care of problems regarding hard drives and external drives.
...we go on with HDDlife gadget. Google Desktop Search developed by the...
Most relevant in Desktop Gadget
Freeware license. Quick access to information. Always visible
Not a Google tested gadget. Free version limited to only one disk. Some bugs on the installation
StandAlone Gadgets Pack
StandAlone Gadgets Pack has everything you need for your desktop.
...Gadgets Pack has everything you need for your desktop ...add to you desktop shorcuts for your Music...


Yannick Stucki
gdShutdown - control your computers sign-off options, even online.
...even online. Google Desktop Gadgets by Yannick Stucki . Some gadgets have a different license...
LotRO Character Journal
View your character's up-to-date basic stats and equipped gear on your desktop.
...gear right on your desktop. The gadget has two state mousing over the gadget and clicking the...
Reminders Gadget
Reminder Gadget
Allows you to send information to the desktop of your friends.
...desktop of your friends, family, colleagues and church body. get the gadget ...Reminder Gadget. Just...
LiveRSS Gadget
This gadget downloads RSS feeds and scrolls them as a creeping line.
...gets right on your desktop. All the fresh ...your screen. The gadget automatically delivers the news...
Weather Monitor
Bushin SOFTWARE - Igor "Igogo" Bushin
Desktop gadget that shows the weather conditions for your current city. and effective desktop gadget meant to offer a nice desktop gadget that offers a really...
Includes additional astronomical data and geomagnetic storm monitoring parameters
Can be a bit tricky and difficult to install, considering it comes as an archive that contains a .gadget file
Desktop Calendar shows a simple but nice calendar on your desktop.
Desktop Calendar is a nice gadget for your desktop that shows a calendar on your desktop ...desktop...
Easy to use
Fully customizable
You can add events


CoolYou Inc.
The CoolYou application is a simple desktop gadget.
...application is a simple desktop gadget that enables you ...right to your desktop. The program enables...
Credit Card Tool Gadget for Google Desktop
Finance Globe
This tool allows people searching for credit cards to find offers fast.
...professionals. The Google Desktop provides users with ...official Google desktop at
Windows Desktop Gadgets
Gadgets-simple mini-applications that give fast access to relevant information.
...very well. Gadgets are part of the desktop, like the ...7, the gadget is added to the desktop in its...

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