Embedd Calendar Into Desktop Downloads

When you want to add extra items to your desktop such as calendars, music player widgets, extra clocks, picture frames, etc., then you will need tools of this kind to get the job done. They allow to customize your desktop with calendars and frames of all kinds.

Embedd Calendar Into Desktop download selection is a descendant of our Desktop Calendar by Robert Polubinski customized for you:

PresbyCal Desktop Calendar
Ten Mile Software
PresbyCal Desktop Calendar is a full-featured calendar and event scheduler.
PresbyCal Desktop Calendar is a full-featured calendar and event scheduling application based on the liturgical seaso...
Most relevant in Embedd Calendar Into Desktop
A utility that allows you to customize your desktop.
... can automatically change your wallpaper image and it will add a clock and a calendar to your desktop. The utility is easy to use and it is supported on Windows 2000/2003/XP/...
It can customize your desktop automatically, according to the time interval set by you for performing this action
You may not like all the preset images, anyway this is a question of personal taste
Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar LITE
Art Plus Marketing & Publishing
Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar Lite 5.0 displays calendar on your desktop.
Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar Lite 5.0 is software which displays calendar, short notes and even diary entries on your de...
Doesn't need a lot of system resources
Detailed help file
Doesn't support many useful features
Screen Calendar
Screen Calendar allows you to put a PIM like calendar and on your desktop.
Are you tired of those dull desktop calendars that everybody has in their computers? No matter how colorful, they are always the same. ...
Very versatile and customizable
Could use some alarms as reminders
PlainSight Desktop Calendar
PlainSight Desktop Calendar is a wonderful calendar with weather forecast.
PlainSight Desktop Calendar is a wonderful calendar that can be fully integrated with the wallpaper. It can be synchron...
Weather forecast
Full integration with Microsoft Outlook
Nice and intuitive user interface
Interactive Calendar
Easy-to-use, great-looking and highly customizable free calendar software.
...or a way to plan your personal time with greater efficiency, try Interactive Calendar! Interactive Calendar is a completely free, feature-packed and extremely customizable de...
Zimbra Desktop
Synacor, Inc.
An advanced email client that includes collaboration features.
...oration features. There is, for example, the possibility of creating various calendars. Likewise, you can set the appointments and tasks you create to be stored locally or on th...
Most popular in Embedd Calendar Into Desktop
Combines messages from various email accounts
Various collaboration features
Allows organizing messages in various ways
May be difficult to import data from other clients
Sunrise Wallpaper Changer
Sunrise Studio
Sunrise Wallpaper Changer lets you change your desktop wallpaper automatically.
...d by you. The wallpaper may include any image that you want, a proverb and a calendar. You can use any image that you have stored on your computer as a desktop wallpaper and cus...
You can have a calendar, proverb and image as wallpaper
Easy to use
Fully customizable
You cannot schedule a change for the same day or at a certain time
ArtPlus ePix - Wallpaper Calendar
Art Plus Inc.
It brings a calendar wallpaper to your desktop screen.
ArtPlus ePix - Wallpaper Calendar is a free program that brings a new image to your desktop each month, or more often dependi...

Some Embedd Calendar Into Desktop downloads, not featured in Desktop Calendar



Create PDF documents using the medium quality preset.
doPDF helps you to create PDF documents. You can create high quality PDF files (i.e. for printing) ...
Most recent in Embedd Calendar Into Desktop
Well-designed interface
Provides you with two practical methods for creating PDF documents
Allows you to configure all the related output parameters
Doesn't provide security features for the resulting PDF documents
PDF Complete
This tool can create PDF documents from multiple applications.
...ur PDFs including: print quality, gray-scale settings, web page viewing, and embedding fonts. With this tool you can also create passwords to regulate the editing and viewing of your document.
Creates PDF from any application that supports printing
New document from scanner including OCR processing
Easy document browsing
No annotation features
Word to PDF Converter
It lets you convert MS Word files to PDF documents.
...g, printing, or editing. Word to PDF Converter also supports various font embedding settings, resolution options, as well as compression-related functions. Furthermore, the c...
High conversion speed
Supports security settings
Crystal Reports
Simple, Affordable, and Open BI Tools for Everyday Use.
...ts – and deliver them via the Web, e-mail, Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, or embedded in enterprise applications. As a result, you can leverage your reports to make better opera...
Most downloaded in Embedd Calendar Into Desktop
Professional-looking reports
Not found
Web Dumper
Download full websites and make them navigable offline.
...ur hard drive, you have to manually save each page as you view it along with embedded pictures, sounds and so on. This can be a very long and tedious process, and in many cases ...
Downloads multiple types of contents
Restructures file links
Highly customizable
Does not always preserve the original folder structure

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