NTFS Defragmentation Tool Downloads

NTFS is currently the most widely used file system, superseding the old FAT architecture.

Disk defragmentation is the process that physically arranges the contents on a storage device to increase its performance.

The following set contains several applications that give you the possibility to defragment your NTFS hard drives.

NTFS Defragmentation Tool download selection is a descendant of our Defragment NTFS Hard Disk by Bill White customized for you:

Defrag NT

Defrag NT

Free and compact tool to defragment all your FAT and NTFS disks and partitions.
...iles in a safe and ordered way. The program is equally efficient with both NTFS and FAT disks and partitions, and offers you the possibility of having your folders and files b...
Most relevant in NTFS Defragmentation Tool
Allows you to locate and reallocate specific files
Offers useful and flexible sorting capabilites
Informative and attractive GUI
Piriform Ltd
Defraggler can optimize your hard disk’s performance.
... poses no difficulties for any kind of user. Fortunately, it supports both NTFS and FAT file systems. Besides, it is integrated into Windows Explorer contextual menu. In relat...
Most popular in NTFS Defragmentation Tool
It is easy to use
It supports FAT and NTFS file systems
It has a nice straightforward interface
May reduce your disk lifespan


UltraDefrag Development Team
UltraDefrag is a disk defragmenter for Windows OS.
...pecifying an execution time limit. Main features: - Defragmentation of NTFS metafiles and streams. - Optimization of NTFS master file tables (MFT). - Automatic hibernati...


FragExt is a free application and shell extension set.
...sion set, designed to help you manage file fragmentation on FAT, FAT32 and NTFS volumes. The set includes: - A unique file defragmenter which allows you to defragment s...
Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009
Advanced Vista Optimizer maintains your Windows Vista OS in a good state.
...ttings, Windows Optimization settings and File System Optimization (mainly NTFS). The memory optimization can free up unused memory in low memory systems so that running progr...
Fair Price
A lot of features
Scanning for privacy files takes a lot of time
Raxco Software Inc.
Comprehensive defragger that prevents your system from defragmentation.
...ast and deep scans of any of your drives, regardless of their file system (NTFS or FAT), the device type (internal hard disks, external hard drives, Flash drives, USB drives, ...
Fast and efficient scans of all types of drives
Supports both NTFS and FAT files systems
Defrags all kinds of hard drives, Flash drives, and USB storage devices
MiniAide Magic Partition Home Edition
MiniAide Tech Development Co., Ltd.
It should help you manage the HDD partitioning of your computer.
...l the partition, set it as Primary or Logical, and select the file system (NTFS, FAT 32, FAT sor EXT). In case you have performed an operation which you decide to cancel, the ...
Nice interface
A superior version is required for actually partitioning the HDD

Some NTFS Defragmentation Tool downloads, not featured in Defragment NTFS Hard Disk

DIY DataRecovery.nl DiskTune
An easy to use, on-demand, no frills disk optimizer and defragmentation tool.
DiskTuna (formerly DiskTune) is a tiny and free disk defragmentation and optimization software that will run only when you want it to. DiskTuna does not...
It is a disk-imaging suite for easy creation, reading and editing of images.
...diting of many image formats and fileystems, including DMF, VHD, FAT, ISO, NTFS and Linux. The disk image is an exact copy of a physical disk or a partition that preserves the...
Most downloaded in NTFS Defragmentation Tool
Can open .vhd file (Virtual Disk)
Supports a lot of file formats
Small Program
Support of NTFS and Linux EXT2FS/EXT3FS image is only in read only mode
JetDrive defragments, cleans and boosts your system!
JetDrive is an easy to use disk optimization and defragmentation suite that can not only defrag a hard drive, but with a number of unique benefits a...
Most recent in NTFS Defragmentation Tool
Offers various defragmentation types
Graphical representation of the defragmentation process
Defragments protected files and even your RAM memory
A bit pricey for a defragmentation tool

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