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A disk jockey, also referred to as a DJ, is a person who plays sound recordings for an audience. To easily create their own playlists, disk jockeys apply special music-oriented applications - DJ tools, which are presented in this collection.

All the apps will allow you to produce scratch effects, which resemble the sound produced by moving a vinyl record back and forth on a turntable, and apply them onto the tracks, thus creating unique, complex, and dynamic mixes.

DJ Scratch Effects Maker download selection by Haley James. March 31, 2015

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ

Atomix Productions
A professional tool for video and audio mixing and arranging.
...up the playback, apply effects such as loops of ...You can even do the DJ scratch if you want. Working...
Most popular in DJ Scratch Effects Maker Most downloaded in DJ Scratch Effects Maker Most recent in DJ Scratch Effects Maker
Great DJ toolset
Useful additional features
Requires practice
Virtual DJ Home
Atomix Productions
A free program for mixing music and video almost professionally.
...full-featured DJ software and ...loop, pitch, scratch, shift and other ...bits, add effects, and make...
Mix 2 tracks easily
Adds sound effects
Headphone output
No playlist saving
Zulu DJ Software
NCH Software
Virtual mixing desk with automatic beat detection for both pro and amateur DJs.
...and amateur DJs will find Zulu DJ Software ...echo, and distortion effects (among many others)...
Intuitive interface
Suitable for all users
Auto play for automatic mixing
UltraMixer Digital Audio Solutions
Mix music, play karaoke and video with this digital turntable.
...make professional DJs feel quite comfortable ...effects, such as resonance, flange and scratching...
Supports various sound formats
Plays karaoke video
Automatic beat matching
Takes a while to learn to use it fluently
DJ Mixer Pro
DJ Mixer Professional helps you mix and re-mix your favorite tracks.
...'re a professional DJ or a newbie, DJ Mixer Pro V2 ...together by adding fading effects. You are also...
Advanced mixing options
Smooth interface
ClubDJ ProVJ
Cube Software Solutions Inc.
The ClubDJ ProVJ program turns your PC intro a live stage.
...complete software solution for DJs, providing all the tool ...parties. Also, the DJs will find the real...
Provides a whole lot of features from mixing and beat-matching real time videos to
displaying ambient visualizations
Extremely low CPU usage
DJ Mix Master
This program allows you to mix your audio files and to add nice effects to them.
...scratches, rap effects and many more nice effects ...the developer's website. DJ Mix Master 1.4 comes...
It allows you to mix your audio files
It has got a lot of useful effects
It allows you to play your audio files
ClubDJ ProDJ
Cube Software Solutions Inc.
A powerful Windows-based tool intended for music remixing.
...innovative features that helps DJs (of all genre ...tracks, and the DJ Software will automatically...
Easy to use
djDecks is a music mixing application suitable mostly for amateur DJs.
...suitable mostly for amateur DJs. As most application ...when every wannabe DJ can access and easily...
A versatile pitch changing function
Can play a large variety of audio file formats
Includes a handy pre-listening feature
Quite pricey
Ots CD Scratch 1200
Ots Corporation
Ots does electronic turntable and mixing effects with emulated turntable effects.
...and mixing effects have been replaced ...Ots CD Scratch 1200 Deluxe ...and Hercules DJ feature offer a...
Almost real turntable effects
Free only for private and non commercial use
EZ-DJ Plus
Simple Star, Inc.
EZ-DJ Plus creates CD albums by mixing existing music files.
...person can effectively use the ...what professional DJs do, and include scratching, fading and...
Cool and ease of use
Convexsoft DJ Audio Mixer
It is a full-fledged DJ with all the features and beat mixing system. a full-fledged DJ with all the feature ...option to use the DJ with different skins. This...
The 10 band equalizer and the pitch control is excellent
It is very easy to use and has good graphical interface
Provides two queues of songs and works without interruption
The customizing of interface with colors is difficult
FutureDecks Pro
FutureDecks Pro is a very useful tool for file/song mixing.
...drivers for multiple DJ consoles, where ...corresponding rhythms. Sound effects, filters and equalizer...
It has a great quality
Friendly user program
It provides Multiple Options
The shortcut key can confuse you a little bit
SC Audio DJ Mixer
SC Audio DJ Mixer by SoftwareClub is a multi-file audio player.
...file. SC Audio DJ Mixer has all important ...Program includes four great effects which can be added...
Good search engine
Doesn't need a lot of system resources
Only two supported types of audio files
DJ Audio Mixer
A four-deck digital audio mixing tool especially devised for professional DJs.
...automatically when smoother mixing effects are required. The ...for the professional DJs, thanks to its...
Clear and well-designed interface that makes it suitable for any music fan
Good selection of equilizer presets
Smooth transitions with automatic volume and pitch fade effects
FutureDecks DJ
With FutureDecks DJ you can mix your songs and videos like a pro DJ.
...of effects, eqs, filters - perceptual automatic-gain - vinyl simulation including scratch, pitch...


Scratch DJ Academy
Mix your playlists and add scratch effects just like a professional DJ.
...and add scratch effects just like a professional DJ. * ...share with friends. Scratch DJ Academy MIX!...


Psicon Lab
PHLUMX is a free video mixing software for VJs and live visuals. scratch video -Mix controls, including DJ-style ...create layered visual effects and combine clips...
Virtual DJ Pro Full
Atomix Productions
VirtualDJ is the hottest AUDIO and VIDEO mixing software.
...Real scratch simulation ...effects -Infinite number of video effects applied simultaneously -DJ...


EpicDJ DJ Software offers a noticeably superior and stable mixing platform.
...loop, add sound effects and mix digital audio ...ease using this advanced DJ Software. EpicDJ is...

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