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A tree structure means a chart representing data in a tree-like hierarchical graphical form. The tools on the list enable you to organize your ideas in a tree-like structure. With these apps, you can visualize you notes and provide quick access to them.

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Astonsoft Ltd.
EssentialPIM is a free personal information manager. there. The created notes are organized in a tree-like structure, made up of...
It is easy to use
It includes several useful modules
It has a full-fledged note editor
It does not provide integration with your browser
7 Sticky Notes
Fabio Martin
7 Sticky Notes can help you keep reminding notes and set alarms. cannot create a new note using the contextual ...organize your notes in a treelike structure. It...
Most popular in Create Tree-Structured Notes Most downloaded in Create Tree-Structured Notes
It is easy to use
It allows exporting your database
It allows synchronizing between machines
You cannot create a new note using the contextual menu that appears when you right-click on your desktop
Tree Notes
Tree Notes is a multi-purpose note-taking application for Windows.
...your notes organized and easily accessible, the application uses a tree-like structure that...
Most relevant in Create Tree-Structured Notes
Numerous handy features
Lets you add all types of attachments
My Notes Keeper
My Notes Keeper
My Notes Keeper is a nice and comprehensive note creator with lots of options. to create sub-notes to give the appearance of a tree and easily...
Lots of formatting tools


Tiushkov Nikolay
Flashnote is a very simple, small, and neat note taking utility.
...sticky notes applications, as it doesn’t allow creating virtual post-it notes that...
Allows organizing the notes hierarchically
Small, neat, and lightweight
Doesn't support text formatting (bold, italic, etc.)


TreeDBNotes is a comprehensive and nice note manager. create and organize your notes and thoughts. It is a tree-like structure to...
Professional editing tools
Easy to use
Very customizable
Doesn't include reminders or notes
Aegean Software Corp.
NoteExpress allows you to store information about important documents.
...or type in a tree-like structure. For every reference can even create notes on whatever subject...
Nice user interface
Easy to use
Very customizable
A bit expensive
GoldenSection Notes
The Golden Section Labs.
A compact notebook capable of storing text and pictures.
...The program organizes all created notes in a folder-tree structure for easy navigation via...
Most recent in Create Tree-Structured Notes
Makes RTF notes
Notes can include images
Has different fonts an styles
Documents can only be read by this program and a special reader from the same brand
Team Task Manager
Deskshare Inc.
Team Task Manager is the right tool to help keep track of all projects and tasks.
...the familiar tree structure, project task ...Task Management - Create projects, hierarchical task...
IconCool Manager
Newera Software Technology Inc.
IconCool Manager allows you to do multiple things with your icons. a tree-style structure which make ...ability to create, enlarge and ...among others. Note that this...
Easy to use. Nice interface
Maybe you can find similar products for a lower price
Green Parrots Software
ActionOutline is a simple and intutive information manager.
...information in a tree-like structure for easy acce ...will be able to create notes, to-do list...
Easy to use
Nice and intuitive user interface
Network support
Not cheap
Redhaven Outline
Rynelf Software
Redhaven Outline can create interactive text outlines.
...hierarchical tree structure. By using this tool to create a ...reference, summary and notes. While you...
It allows editing and exporting reports
It helps create thoroughly planned texts
The nodes can be distinguished by colors
It can be somewhat difficult to use at first
Note/Reminder/Messenger/Todo/ utility. Easy-to-use tree-structured data holder.
...program is easy-to-use tree-structured data holder. You can store...
Mindola Software
SuperNotecard helps writers organize their writing steps in different cards. view all the cards created in a tree-structure, so you can visualize...
Nice way of organizing a narrative
Comprehensive help file
Not very intuitive
GYZ Tree Document Editor
Yanzhong Gui
GYZ Tree Document Editor is a tree-structured rich document editor and viewer. keep your notes, documents in ...whole "tree". GYZ Tree Document Editor is a tree-structured rich...
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I'm enjoying this software. Thanks a million!!! :roll:
Text Tree
Baby Katie Media, LLC.
Unique outline based text editing tool for writers.
...designed make structured, understandable documents easily and quickly Text Tree has been...


SEPV Corporation
Notes+ is a note-taking application that can be used with a variety of purposes.
...there is a tree-like structure for categorie ...password-protected. Creating a new note cannot be...
Simple note-taking app
Synchronizes your notes with your iPhone and iPod Touch
Uses different colors for categories
Supports plain text only


A free application that allows us to store all sorts of text notes.
...organizes notes in a tree-like easily browsable structure, where ...offline mode. Creating an account on...
Easy synchronization with online content
We can access our notes from the Web or a mobile phone
Supports only plain text
Note Pad 2000 Professional Edition
TAU Software 1998-2001
Note Pad 2000 PE - small ...notebook written with treelike structured r...
Note Pad 2000 PE - small ...with treelike structured records. The brief list that is able Note Pad...
AllMyNotes Organizer
Vladonai Software
AllMyNotes Organizer can help you store and organize your data.
...standard users. The notes are stored in a tree-like structure, composed of folders...
It can handle different types of information
It stores your data in a hierarchical tree
It can protect your data using passwords
Some users might feel uncomfortable with the free format used to store the data

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