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A search box is one of the most used forms when creating a website and can be created easily without having html knowledge. All you need to do is install a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) type of website designer and then insert the search box anywhere on the page. To find one of those programs you can look up in this list. Additionally, they will offer you a great range of features that will help you improve your website.

Insert Search Box Into Site download selection is a descendant of our Create Site Search Box by Pete Clapp customized for you:

Web Page Maker
Web Page Maker Software Company, Inc.
It allows you to create professional-looking webpages very quickly and easily.
...acks, video clips, forms, and even PayPal buttons. You also have several predefined JavaScript functions that you can insert into your webpage with one click. Some of them are a live analog clock, snow effect, images highlighting, waving text, and colored sc...
Most relevant in Insert Search Box Into Site
Doesn't require any previous knowledge or experience
Includes multiple thematic templates
Includes a set of predefined JavaScript functions
Almost all the tools provided are accessible only through the menu system
Xara Web Designer
Xara Group Limited
Xara Web Designer can help you create web sites easily.
Xara Web Designer can help you create web sites even if you have poor skills as a web developer. However, you should be aware that creating a web page is not always as easy as it see...
It is relatively easy to use
It comes with a set of templates, samples, buttons, and widgets
It is cross-browser
Some objects are not customizable enough
BlueVoda Website Builder
BlueVoda Website Builder is a powerful and yet simple HTML editor.
...r logins, password recovery and signup forms if you are interested in using the PHP forms on your pages. You can also insert flash videos and wonderful image galleries. You can even create a web shop in a similar manner. Some additional features like buil...
Built in FTP client
Lots of predesigned features for one's web pages
Xara Web Designer Premium
Xara Group Limited
Create and design professional webpages quick and easily with this program.
This program lets you create a professional-looking website pages in an easy way. You don't need to be an html wizard to create a good webpage. Using the program, you have access a wide variety o...
Very easy to use
No html knowledge needed
Not very affordable


Joerg Kiegeland
DFM2HTML is an HTML and web site designer for Windows.
DFM2HTML is an HTML and web site designer for Windows. The program is simple - you can drag and drop buttons, menus, etc. onto the web page. This is also a WYSIWYG edit...
Web Creator Pro
This is an amazing web page creator with advanced features.
... website. This tool will help you define the size, format, and even transition effects of your videos. Furthermore, a box creator will help you highlight products or services on boxes with rounded edges, shadows, and more. If you are looking for an applic...
The program's interface is very intuitive and easy to use
It includes a versatile template creator
You can include advanced functions to your projects like RSS feeds, flash videos, blogs, etc
You have to enter your email in order to download the program
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 allows design and develops standards-based Web sites.
...ets of Spry recognize the contents of a simple HTML table as a source of data interactively. Create any document by inserting images of Photoshop PSD in Dreamweaver. Smart objects are intimately linked to the source file. Make changes to the original image...
Most popular in Insert Search Box Into Site Most recent in Insert Search Box Into Site
Properties pane and get assistance in the process
Requires more system resources
WYSIWYG Web Builder
Pablo Software Solutions
It's a WYSIWYG program used to create complete web sites.
WYSIWYG Web Builder is a very complex and powerful website design tool suitable as well for complete beginners, as for experienced users or professional website developers. It’s applicable to ...
Feature-rich and powerful, allows the control and the customization of any webpage element
Fair price
Corel Website Creator X6
Corel Website Creator X6 is a powerful do-it-yourself website design software.
This application comes with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 pack, and offers a fast and easy way to design, build, and manage websites. With Corel Website Creator and its dozens of templates and Site Styles®, you can easily design, build, and maintain a web presence w...
CoffeeCup Website Search
CoffeeCup Software, Inc.
Add a customized search box to your site quickly and easily!
Now you can create your own customized search engine so your visitors can easily search your Website for what they are looking for. CoffeeCup Website Search is the only software o...

Some Insert Search Box Into Site downloads, not featured in Create Site Search Box

Offline Commander
Offline Commander allows you to save web pages and browse them offline.
...u have to enter the URL; then, you have to setup the number of levels for retrieving the web pages. Next, you have to insert tasks. Tasks allow you to include filters for retrieving links, images, and embedded objects, e.g. you can download only images from ...
You can setup the level of retrieved pages to download
You can include filters for retrieving links, images, and embedded objects
Trial version can be used only 30 times and has a limit of downloadable pages
Logos Conjugator
This program allows you to conjugate verbs in various tenses, moods, and persons.
...'t produce a result, but you can go to the Logos Conjugator site and select the relative option. Also if the word you inserted has more than one language you will see the options displayed. 2. If you don't know exactly the verb you are looking for, you can c...
You can use fast search and manual search in different languages
The program shows all tenses, moods, and persons
The download time can be slow because the size of the file and speed connection
This software allows you to spare time by hotkeying repetitive sentences.
...ins, passwords, etc. You no longer need to store tens and hundreds of frequently used texts in various text files, search for the correct row, select it, copy and then switch to another window to paste the text. You just have to open JetPaste window, s...
Easy to use
Supports some special keys
Associate keys with pastes
Nitro Pro
The alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro in the professional PDF production arena.
...g text is just as straightforward as expected, and lines and paragraphs will be adjusted automatically as soon as you insert, replace, or remove some text. You can also add text on top of the existing one, as well as annotate, highlight, redact data, and add...
Most downloaded in Insert Search Box Into Site
Accessibility features (tagged PDFs)
OCR capabilities
Support for fill-in forms and digital signatures
Complex menu structure
Nero CoverDesigner
Create custom disc labels, inlays, booklets for your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.
...Nero Cover Designer. The Designer helps you produce impressive, professional-looking layouts for your CD booklets and inserts. The Cover Designer includes: Many customizable templates and imports from scanner or a digital camera Full set of text and imag...
Design all covers, labels, and inserts in one single template
Individual templates per disc type
WYSIWYG approach
Limited choice of background images

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