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These applications let you create silent installers (the installation process does not display any sign of its progress and requires a lot less user interaction than a traditional installation). Most of them also let you build the usual, non-silent application setups.

Create Silent Installer download selection by David Wardle. April 06, 2015

Silent Install Builder
APREL Technologies
Automate the process of installing various applications.
...All in all, Silent Install Builder is a very not intended to create installers, just to build...
Supports various types of installers
Can generate command-line parameters automatically
Records scripts
Language mistakes
Speed Install
Almeza Company
Speed Install installs any application you need with just one click. the "Create" button. Afterwards, you can run Speed Install from the...
Most downloaded in Create Silent Installer
Easy-to-use interface
Available in many languages
Many applications available for download and install


Dennis Bareis
Create app installers based on the Microsoft Windows Installer.
...and reliably create low overhead "MSI" or "Windows Installer" based installers. Windows Installer is...
Latest comments:
Useful, despite being very difficult to use.
Just Great Software
DeployMaster is a program that allows you to distribute your Windows software.
...components by running the installation again, and create portable installations on removable devices...
Most recent in Create Silent Installer
InstallAware Software Corporation
Deploy an unlimited number of application updates to your end-users.
...reliable alternative to Windows Installer. Unlike Windows Installer, the Native Engine works...
Setup Factory
Indigo Rose Corporation
Create customized installers for your software development projects.
...Setup Factory can help you create program installers quite easily. Fortunately, there...
Most popular in Create Silent Installer
Wizard-like interface
Creates multi-language installers
Creates installer packages of different sizes
Does not support setting java runtime libraries as required dependencies
Almeza MultiSet
Almeza MultiSet
Almeza MultiSet is a macro recording tool for Windows.
...also be used to create unattended Windows installations. And what is more...
Excellent application
Easy to use
Powerful and robust
ej-technologies GmbH
install4j is a powerful and easy-to-use multi-platform Java installer builder.
...multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers and application launchers...
Latest comments:
How can this possibly get 5? It's the most overpriced, buggy installation tool I've ever had the displeas...
Basic Setup Builder
Basic Setup Builder is a no script- based setup-maker with a help system.
...import all the items to install from the running image of...
Ghost Installer
gInstall Corp.
Ghost Installer is a powerful application setup...
.../2000. With Ghost Installer you can easily create single-file self-executing...

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