Photo Collage Maker Downloads

The applications from this set will help you create photo collages using your own pictures. These programs come with many collage templates, photo frames, mask effects and many more other useful features and functions.

Photo Collage Maker download selection is a descendant of our Create Photo Collage by Reef Longue customized for you:

Collage Maker
Galleria Software
Collage Maker is intended to create photo collages.
As its name suggests, Collage Maker is intended to create photo collages. The application is quite easy...
Most relevant in Photo Collage Maker
It is easy to use
It comes with various templates
More templates can be downloaded
The templates are not very attractive
Artensoft Photo Collage Maker
Artensoft Photo Collage Maker can create unusual photo collages.
Artensoft Photo Collage Maker can create unusual photo collages. If all, the resulting collage is very pleasant, as...
Most recent in Photo Collage Maker
It’s easy to use
It produces very nice results
Its interface is not very attractive. ´
Photo Editor Software
It lets you make photo collages by adding your photos into templates.
...create decent-looking photo collages. For those wanting ...attractive choice for creating photo collages, but, as far as...
Most popular in Photo Collage Maker
It's really easy to use
Simple, neat and lightweight
The templates are organized into categories
The mini version has only 230 templates for evaluation
Photo Collage
It is an easy-to-use and feature-rich program to create photo collages.
...all of its options. Photo Collage offers a number of frame 3D. Unfortunately, Photo Collage enables you to save...
A lot of frames and templates to choose from
Ability to browse for your own arts
In-built photo editor
Unattractive UI
Photo Collage Platinum
This is a shareware application to create you own photo collages and scrapbooks.
...create your own digital photo collages and scrapbooks. This program ...your digital pictures and photos to canvas, no cut...
Excellent Toolbar
Good Looking Interface
Limited Clipart, Frame, and Template Choices
Chameleon is a great tool for creating photo collages.
...use solution for creating photo collages. The program has a ...who want to make photo collages, customized postcards or...
Allows smooth creation of photo collages Works with most of the image file formats
Photo Jumble
Boris A. Glazer
Photo Jumble is a great tool for making mosaics and collages.
Photo Jumble is a great tool for those looking to create collages ...a much higher quality collage. The rendering process...
Simple and easy interface
Many options
Wondershare Photo Collage
Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.
This software is a great photo collage software to make photo collages.
Wondershare Photo Collage Studio is a great photo collage software to make photo collages. With its built-in collage...
Wondershare Photo Collage Studio
Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.
A nice program to create photo collages with different layouts.
...a nice application that helps you create photo collages with your favorite digital images together...
Easy to use
E.M. Free Photo Collage
EffectMatrix, Inc.
It lets you create photo collages and scrapbooks using your own photos.
...E.M. Free Photo Collage is also completely free. E.M. Free Photo Collage helps you make photo collages that look...
Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
Includes a handy "wizard"
The interface cannot be customized
G.Collage Photo Editor
G.GTech Software
G.Collage Photo Editor provides beautiful photo frames. turns ordinary digital photos into attractive photo collage either quickly and easily. G.Collage Photo Editor is...
DreamCollage Studio
PhotoAtom Software
DreamCollage Studio allows you to edit your photos and create nice collages. edit your photos and create beautiful collages with them. The create funny collages with your pictures very easily...
Lots of frames and images to add
Easy to use and intuitive
Includes masks
Not so attractive user interface

Some Photo Collage Maker downloads, not featured in Create Photo Collage

Photo Collage Maker
Creates photo collages and edits them by adding special effects.
...or image file! Photo Collage Maker lets anyone create stunning collages from their favorite photos. Over 100...
This software is easy-to-use
You can quickly print a collage
Frames as long as decorations can be easily moved around the collage
The trial version watermarks output
Picture Collage Maker
Create collages with your favorite photos easily and quickly.
...Collage Maker is a powerful and easy-to-use program for creating photo collages create photo collages, scrapbook...
Easy to use-
Many templates available
Includes a collage wizard to make things easier
Limited usability


Edit, enhance, and add creative effects to your best digital photographs.
...includes four main options – a full-fledged Photo Editor, a collage maker, a retouching tool (new to this...
Contains a wide array of creative effects
Includes both one-click and manual adjustment options
Supports batch processing
Some editing features require upgrading to Pro
Magic Photo Editor
Photo editing tool to blend images and beautify them with effects and cliparts.
...compositions and collages in just a few minutes using Magic Photo Editor. Magic Photo Editor is...
Most downloaded in Photo Collage Maker
Seamless image blending
Extensive choice of masks and clipart images
Includes frames
No editing features available
CollageIt creates collages from your favorite photos.
...CollageIt is an easy-to-use photo collage maker for Mac OS X & Windows, which makes...
It is easy to use
It allows several ways to share the results
The collage is made on the basis of templates, and they are not very customizable
ZC Dream Photo Editor
ZC Dream Photo Editor makes you easily blend your photo onto another picture. easily blend your digital photo onto another picture (a landscape ...add to your photo. ZC Dream Photo Editor makes you...
User-friendly interface
Gives you access to various photo collage configurations (text, borders, shadows, etc.)
Comes with basic editing tools
Tacky collage templates

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