Customize Desktop Menu Downloads

The desktop clutter can be a nightmare when you want to find specific software. Using these applications, you can easily create or enhance the desktop menu. Add a new menu containing all the desired programs, customize the menu to your needs or simply create work groups.

Customize Desktop Menu download selection is a descendant of our Create Desktop Menu by Marisa Therezza customized for you:

Moo0 RightClicker Pro
It offers a set of enhancements for the Windows' context menu. a lot of useful additional functions, but it also represents a solution to customize this menu. Using it you can easily apply a skin to the menu, changing its color and the fo...
Most relevant in Customize Desktop Menu
Offers plenty of customization options as well
Allows creation and management of shortcuts and bookmarks
Actual Window Menu
Actual Tools
Actual Window Menu adds new functions to the window menu.
...groups expands it to show a list of the included functions. This way, you can customize the actions that you want to be available via the system window menu, and you can even spe...
It expands the standard functionalities of the operating system
The functions can be customized according to the application
Some users can get lost while navigating the interface
Desktop Right Click Menu Manager
You can add Menu options to Windows XP Right Click Menu without admin rights.
Desktop Right Click was never so easy to manage. Adding new menu items / deleting added menu items t...
Favorite Shortcuts
Quick launch desktop menu providing one click access to favorite files, folders.
...t is available as a hotkey-driven popup menu, as an additional submenu in the Desktop context menu, in a folder background shortcut menu, in the Windows Explorer File menu, in th...
Gladiators Software
Create several virtual desktops and place different open applications on them.
AltDesk is a desktop managing software application which allows you to create several virtual desktops where you ...
Very easy to install and use
Provides you with a really clear and tidy working environment
Allows you to establish indivudual names, hotkeys and wallpapers for every virtual desktop


Didier URBAN - André CADDAU
It cleans your Desktop- all icons & shortcuts are placed in SpeedMenus' menus.
...g. - Menus transparency settings. - Tabs order choice : alphabetically or customized. - Spaces between tabs (in pixels) settings. - Possibility not to display tabs' names...
Moo0 TransparentMenu
Moo0 TransparentMenu can help you add some variety to your desktop menus.
Moo0 TransparentMenu is a simple but handy application that allows you to make all the desktop menus transparent and change their skins. The application sits in your system tray and allow...
Easy to use
Lots of skins and transparency levels to apply
The interface is available in multiple languages
Moo0 RightClicker
A clever tiny application to add functionality to your Windows context menu.
...copy, or move your files, bookmark your folders for a quicker access to them, customize the existing Windows options, and much more. Moo0 RightClicker will not interfere with ...
The added functionality is fully customizable
Tablet Shortcut Menu
Lenovo Group Limited
A great application that provides the shortcuts to the ThinkPad utilities.
... and 64-bit and Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. Tablet Shortcut Menu is a great application that provides the shortcuts to the ThinkPad utilities, giving youthe opt...
KO Approach
KO Software
KO Approach is a desktop utility designed to speed up file navigation.
KO Approach is a desktop utility application designed to speed up file navigation in Windows Explorer. Unlike the tra...
Windows Explorer Shell Context Menu
Windows Explorer Shell Context Menu, Inc.
Add custom items to Windows Explorer shell context menu easily with this program.
Add custom items to Windows Explorer shell context menu easily with Explorer Context Menu. Easy to start (just install), easy to add your menu items (j...
Chimera Virtual Desktop
Chimera Creative Studio
Very stable and versatile virtual desktop - use tabs to change desktops!
...for your different tasks? Create up to 9 separated screens, so called virtual desktops. Move applications between desktops easily! Use tabs, hotkeys, mouse gestures, drag-and-dro...

Some Customize Desktop Menu downloads, not featured in Create Desktop Menu

Classic Shell
Improves your productivity and enhances the usability of Windows.
...and enhances the usability of Windows. It features: highly customizable start menu with multiple styles and skins, quick access to recent, frequently-used, or pinned programs, to...
Most popular in Customize Desktop Menu
It lets you use your new Windows version as if you were using the classic one


Take screenshots, record videos of your desktop, and share them right away.
...shapes and colors, text boxes, callouts with your favorite color and outline, customized stamps and shapes (cursor pointers included), paint selected areas, add creative effects,...
Most recent in Customize Desktop Menu
Image editing and enhancing tools
Records system and external audio streams
Customizable presets
Basic video recording functionality


A free-to-use desktop customization tool for Windows OS. memory and battery power, RSS feeds and weather forecasts, right on your desktop. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Many skins are even functional: th...
Most downloaded in Customize Desktop Menu
Very good-looking and useful modification tool
Lots of configuration options
Start Menu 8

Start Menu 8

Brings back the classic Start Menu to Windows 8 & Windows 10.
...mpletely customizable. An assortment of icons has been collected for users to customize the Windows Start Button. Users are also able to save their own account picture, pin their...
Great Start Menu replacement
Many customization options
Translated to most languages
Not found
Animated Wallpaper Maker
Creates customizable animated wallpapers from your favorite photographs.
...w clicks. You can choose from a wide array of animations and movable objects, customize the way those animations are presented, and even add a soundtrack to your creation. The pr...
Intuitive interface
Extensive range of animation effects
Allows you to add music to your wallpapers
No drawbacks found

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