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The Internet has become the main environment for conducting business, education or even having a social life. While the Internet is "limitless" our connection is not; and it often happens that you have to wait forever for a webpage to load. A great solution to enhance or increase the web-surfing experience is to use a connection optimizer and a download manager.

Tweak Connection download selection is a descendant of our Connection Optimizer by Paul Malgey customized for you:

Modem Booster
inKline Global
Modem Booster is a program that may improve your modem connection speed.
...improve your modem connection speed. By tweaking some hidden ...To Live), RWIN, maximum connections per server, and maximum...
Most relevant in Tweak Connection
It´s easy to use
SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator
CBS Software
Optimize your internet connection to improve upload and download speeds. settings to the internet connection. This, in turn ...speed tester called SpeedConnect Connection Tester. You can...
Most popular in Tweak Connection Most recent in Tweak Connection
Setup wizard to help new users
Network optimizer is fast
Measure internet speeds through build in speed tester
Trial only works once
Ascentive LLC
ActiveSpeed is said to speed up your Internet connection.
...program can speed up your Internet connection by tweaking your system parameters. It supports...
It is very easy to use
It can tweak your system automatically
It does not let the user be in control of the changes
Turbo Internet
Ates Software
A program that speeds up Internet & Web site connections plus handles downloads.
...It optimizes the connections to any website and ...manager, handling downloads and connections with file shares and...
Boosts streaming and Internet connections
Controls bandwidth
Acquires youtube videos
Won't integrate with mozilla/chrome
Speedy Web Navigator XP
SWN Productions
Speedy Web Navigator XP speed ups your web surfing and online gaming. optimal Internet connection providing increased download optimal Internet connection providing increased download...
Free Net Speed Booster
Boost your modem, ADSL, Cable, DSL & LAN connections for maximum performance.
...& prevent automatic disconnections. Speed up your connection without any networking or communication background...
Latest comments:
Do not download this: it includes marketing spyware that collects all your browsing data - including...
It optimizes the Internet settings to match the speed of your dial-up connection.
...up connection. It will achieve its goal by tweaking the ...performance of your Internet connection. This graphic will show...
The program works with the Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator browsers only
ID Internet Optimizer
...Optimizer offers Internet Connection optimizer, Cache optimizer ...besides the Internet Connection, the well functioning...
Robust Internet Speed Booster
Boost & optimize your Internet connection speed with this set...
...settings that affect Internet connection speed through a simple ...operating systems registry tweaks 2)Boost overall...
Latest comments:
This app contains or downloads adware Malwarebytes PUP.Optional.RelevantKnowledge drweb BACKDOOR.Trojan.
Tweak-XP Pro
Totalidea Software New Zealand Ltd.
Unlike other tweaking utilities Tweak-XP bundles more than 56 diff. utilities.
...'re using a dial-up connection or a faster broadband connection. Tweak-XP gives you instant access...
ID System Optimizer
ID System Optimizer is a system tool allowing you to customize your PC.
ID System Optimizer is a highly rated system tool allowing you to customize your personal options to insuring a well...
Connection Booster
Using Connection Booster you can Wizzard ...Cable, DSL and LAN connection types for m...
...It also keep your connection secure & prevent automatic ...disconnected after an ideal connection. Protect your system...
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Some Tweak Connection downloads, not featured in Connection Optimizer

TCP Optimizer
Speed Guide Inc.
SG TCP Optimizer allows you to tune and optimize TCP and IP related parameters.
...intiutive interface for tweaking your Internet connection. It is a ...settings for your specific connection speed. You can...
Most downloaded in Tweak Connection
Easy GUI
Advanced settings for professionals
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator
ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator optimizes your Internet settings.
...being optimal. However, tweaking your operating system’ ...performance of your Internet connection. That’s fine if...
It is easy to use
It includes a speed test
It offers extra security features
It supports tuning only Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer
DSL Speed
DSL Speed is a professional tool that tweaks and optimize your DSL connection. a professional tool that tweaks and optimize your DSL connection speed up to max...
Optimizes your DSL settings to attain speed and performance of your internet connection
Brings exceptional speed in your downloads and uploads
Windows 98/98SE users need to download Vtcp. 386 fix for 98/98SE before using DSL Speed


Simon Tatham
A SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client featuring an xterm terminal emulator.
...and manage sessions and connections alongside the terminal and ...You can set the connection type and the logging options...
Cacheman allows the user to choose from 10 Windows auto optimization profiles.
Memory is one of the most important pieces of computer hardware as it is in constant use no matter what a PC is used for...
Manual and automatic optimization
Priority levels for running processes
System cache adjustment
Too pricey
Game Booster 2
An excellent system performance optimizer to boost up your gaming experience. performing a series of tweaks to improve your Internet connection speed and your system...
Neatly-designed interface with intuitive options and controls
Excellent range of tools for an effective system boost-up
Tweaks and improves your system configuration without producing any unwanted side effect

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