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Make your computer connect quicker to the network or the internet using a connection optimizing program. This program will tweak your windows registry and TCP/IP parameters to squeeze every bit of speed out of your internet connection.

Connection Optimizer download selection is a descendant of our Connection Accelerator Tool by Noah Sands customized for you:

Hagel Technologies
Optimize your Internet connection easily with this program.
...your connection in an easy way. It has an optimization ...basic questions regarding your connection, such as its type...
Most relevant in Connection Optimizer
It has a wizard for those of us who don't have many technical knowledge
Although the wizard makes the tweaking process very accessible, the most advanced functions require more knowledge
Max Internet Optimizer
Max Secure Software
Boost the speed of your Internet by using Max Internet Optimizer.
...browsing also it will optimize different Internet related system ...all modems and high-speed connections (cable, LAN, DLS...
to optimize internet settings you need to buy it
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator
ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator optimizes your Internet settings.
...Ashampoo Internet Accelerator can optimize your computer’s Internet ...In my opinion, the connection speed test is a...
It is easy to use
It includes a speed test
It offers extra security features
It supports tuning only Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer
Speedy Web Navigator XP
SWN Productions
Speedy Web Navigator XP speed ups your web surfing and online gaming.
...configure your Windows environment for an optimal Internet connection providing increased download speed and...
Internet Cell Boost
Internet Cell Boost boosts the transfer speed of your Internet connection.
...the best out of the optimizer. As far as the ...system might experience low connectivity and Internet transfer speed...
It support all types of internet connections
It enhances the performance of older operating systems
It has an intuitive interface
SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator
CBS Software
Optimize your internet connection to improve upload and download speeds.
...the parameters for the optimizer, whose main task i settings to the internet connection. This, in turn, ensures...
Setup wizard to help new users
Network optimizer is fast
Measure internet speeds through build in speed tester
Trial only works once
Igor Zenkov
TrueSpeed Download Manager is a tool to increase download speeds (even on high speed lines...
...transfer data at maximum speeds. TrueSpeed Connection Optimizer changes Windows modem/network settings to...
Clasys Ltd.
Increase your Internet Speed 300% more easily with iNTERNET Turbo.
...the existing Internet connection, thus increasing browsing ...Internet Speed! Slow connection hindering your enjoyment of...
easy to use
Internet Cyclone
Adjusts many internal parameters to speed up Internet-related services.
...of boosting your physical Internet connection, it can optimize Windows to make the most...
Supports all modern Internet connection types
Allows you to go back to Windows default configuration at any moment
Allows you to set all the supported parameters manually
Messy and unattractive interface
ID Internet Optimizer
...and functions. ID Internet Optimizer offers Internet Connection optimizer, Cache optimizer functions, as well as...
Internet Optimizer
Internet Optimizer will help you make adjustments to boost your Internet speed.
...times when your Internet connection seems really slow and ...your browsing experience. Internet Optimizer will help you make...
It is very comprehensive
It uses too many technical terms
Optimizer XP

Optimizer XP

Windows X
Optimizer XP is a freeware optimizer program for Windows.
...optimizer program that will optimize your system and internet connection ...and internet connection will become faster...
Softmate Corporation
SySpeed is a new generation Internet Accelerator. SySpeed modifies various "hidden"...
...optimizer for Dial-Up/Modem and LAN/Cable/DSL Internet connections ...of your Internet connection and obtain the...

Some Connection Optimizer downloads, not featured in Connection Accelerator Tool

Internet Download Manager
Increases download speeds by up to 5 times, resumes and schedules downloads.
...due to lost connections, network problems, computer ...reuses available connections without additional connect and login...
Most popular in Connection Optimizer Most downloaded in Connection Optimizer
Flexible download management
Built-in download accelerator
Integrates seamlessly with your favorite browser
If you have slow internet connection, IDM takes all your bandwidth
TCP Optimizer
SG TCP Optimizer allows you to tune and optimize TCP and IP related parameters.
...optimizer provides a very easy and intiutive interface for tweaking your Internet connection ...specific connection speed...
Easy GUI
Advanced settings for professionals
Internet Speed Booster
Internet Speed Booster is the powerful easy way to speed up your internet connection. With Internet...
...choose one of the predefined connection settings and click Optimize Now. In Backup manager...


Aeroadmin - free remote desktop software and remote desktop connection.
...Full AES + RSA encrypted connections - Auto image quality/speed optimization - Fast performance on low...
Most recent in Connection Optimizer
It is a program that increases your throughput and reduces your Ping.
cFosSpeed is a program that increases your throughput and reduces your Ping. You can adjust the priority of the most...
32 and 64-bit support
Realtime monitoring of Internet applications with graph
Windows Sidebar gadget
Some websites may not work properly
Flash Speed 200%
It is a small utility to accelerate the speed of your internet connection. a single click you can optimize your internet connection speed and therefore your download...
An easy-to-use interface
One click optimization
Support Dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, HDSL, VDSL, PPPoE, Cable modem, LAN connections
Not freeware

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