Make Virtual Disk Smaller Downloads

Sometimes preallocated virtual disks can take up more space than it is available

on a host machine, which you want to transfer your virtual drive to.

In this case you will need to make its overall size smaller. Some virtual drive managers can help you easily resolve this problem.

Make Virtual Disk Smaller download selection is a descendant of our Configure Virtual Drive Size by Vladislava Kokurkina customized for you:

VSuite Ramdisk (Standard Edition)
Romex Software
Creates a virtual hard disk in the existing RAM memory for a faster performance.
...among NTFS, FAT 32, FAT, and RAW. Besides, for NTFS or FAT systems you can make use of the "File System Advanced Settings" window, where you can create custom folders, set a c...
Most relevant in Make Virtual Disk Smaller
Allows you to create multiple virtual drives
Allows you to set all the key parameters for your virtual drives
Allows you to create "volatile" units, that will disappear upon the next system restart
You can use it for 15 days before it expires - it is no longer available for sale
Virtual CD Manager
Thinker Software
Virtual CD Manager is an application that allows you to mount ISO image files.
...file you just have to insert the disk into the CD/DVD drive, click on the "Make Image" button, and select the optical drive.
You can mount ISO images into virtual CD/DVD drives
You can burn ISO images in to CD/DVD
You can create ISO image files
Restarting is required after installing the program
Microsoft Virtual PC
Emulate and configure a complete virtual computer!
Microsoft Virtual PC 6.0 (2007) is light simple software that allows you to execute a completely virtual compu...
Most popular in Make Virtual Disk Smaller Most downloaded in Make Virtual Disk Smaller
It's Free
Easy to use
Most Non-Microsoft operating systems are not supported
VirtualDrive Pro
FarStone Technology, Inc.
It is virtual CD/DVD emulation software with many additional features.
VirtualDrive Pro is a powerful application that lets you create not only virtual CD and DVD discs, b...
Most recent in Make Virtual Disk Smaller
Can also burn physical discs
Can emulate up to 23 virtual CD/DVD drives
Easy-to-use interface
The VCD/ISO converter still didn't seem to work

Some Make Virtual Disk Smaller downloads, not featured in Configure Virtual Drive Size



Create/edit/manage Virtual Machines; create, manage, convert virtual disks.
With MakeVM you can: * Clone your Real OS to VMWare, VirtualPC or Parallels Workstation; * Clone yo...

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