Concentration Games Downloads

In case you are looking for an application to test your brain and improve your concentration, these are ones that would be right up your alley. With any of these software programs you will train your intellectual capacity just by playing them.

Concentration Games download selection by Haley James. May 02, 2015

Flip Words
HipSoft LLC
Flipwords 2.3 is an exciting game with an extraordinary concept of playing.
...interesting game for children . You have to concentrate while playing the game so...
Most popular in Concentration Games Most downloaded in Concentration Games
Nice game for children and adults too
Sharpen the brain


Big Fish Games, Inc.
Azada is an adventure game full of puzzles of different kinds.
...sliding puzzles, logic games, Simon-like games, matching games, concentration games, to name but...
Great variety of puzzles
Great graphics and music
Amusive Checkers
Amusive Checkers has cool features that let you fully enjoy this great game. it demands concentration and strategy. Thi ...all of your concentration on the game. Moreover...
Fine graphics
Nice music and sounds effects
Not found
GameHouse Word Collection
GameHouse, Inc.
A collection of three word games with a nice screen display.
...attention and concentration. One of the games challenge ...a word. The game interface is quite nicely...
Good for brain training
Exercises attention, concentration and increases vocabulary
There's a difficulty in switching games
Concentration - the Memory Games
Concentration - the Memory Games allows you to keep you memory healthy.
...ugly backgrounds. In short, Concentration - the Memory Games provides a good option to...
Most relevant in Concentration Games
Two game modes
Different levels of difficulty
No music and only three ugly backgrounds
Brain Power
Brain Power is an entertaining suite that includes more than 200 games. have memory or concentration problems, these games can help you focus...
Great variety of games.. Different challenging levels
Poor graphics and sounds


AHA! Software Inc.
Oktagon is a set of two challenging and enjoyable puzzle games.
...puzzle games for all ages. The game feature ...the other game, you have six concentric rings which...
Challenging and enjoyable games
No customization options
Custom Concentration
Bot Productions
...the classic tile-matching game, Concentration. Not only can you...
...tile-matching game, Concentration. Bot Productions's Custom Concentration is a free game for...
A Game of Memory
Liquid Mirror Software
A Game of Memory is a game in which you have to find the identical pairs.
...makes the game pretty challenging. Unfortunately, the game doesn't ...better memory games with better...
No customization options
Little Hopper's Memory Matching Game
Fast Rabbit Software, LLC
Little Hopper's Memory Matching Game is a simple game for kids.
...'s Memory Matching Game is a simple game for kids in win the game. The game includes four mode...
Four modes
Two difficulty levels
Poor graphics
Ring Game

Ring Game

Free Kids Games
Ring Game is a free kids game for some serious concentration training. Collect...
Ring Game is a free kids game for some serious concentration training. Collect and connect...
DzSoft Ltd
Have fun training your reaction and concentration, a mix of ping-pong and pool.
...your reaction and concentration with this original ...levels (enjoying the game's cool all-3D...
Light Switcher
Kwik Games
This is a great free brain training and concentration game. brain training and concentration game. What you have ...5 minutes the game automatically ends. If...
Command & Conquer The First Decade
Electronic Arts
Players can experience the evolution of the real-time strategy game.
...greatly influenced the games that followed its predecessors, concentrating instead on pure...
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Latest comments:
I love this game like a kid.
101 Kid's Brainy Games
Nodtronics Pty Ltd
...concentration, speed, while playing and having fun. It provides 101 games ...’s Different Games?, Spy...
Latest comments:
A Swarm of Rats
Miner and Sunken Treasure scared the crap out of me when I was little. The music and graphics for Ezone...


Frank Hollwitz
BOXit is a logic game for one player, which requires more than concentration. is really complex and requires an acute observation sense and concentration while a game...
Thinking skills exercise
You can play it without losing your concentration in order to continue with your work
Not very good looking
JogPuzzle provides you with an arcade style mah jongg like tile solitaire game. tile solitaire game suitable for all age ...relax and concentrate in the game. With compatible...
Simple game with a mind free interface
Simple graphics and pleasant sounds
No time limits, relax and solve puzzles by taking their own sweet time
No freeware version available
NS Pairs

NS Pairs

Nyxbull Software
The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards.
...The object of the game is to turn over ...brain, train your concentration and memory using this game.
Brain Workout 3
Oak Systems
Brain Workout 3 is a set of games designed to improve our mental performance.
...collection of games designed ...concentration, and logical thinking. Brain Workout is the perfect game...
Games are fun and easy to understand, requiring a mental effort that will benefit our health
Intense Concentration
Michael Hadwen
Intense Concentration is a set of four logic/memory games.
...improve your memory and concentration. The games are: Concentration (a memory game), Jigsaw puzzle...
Enjoyable and challenging games for all ages
Easy to use
Games are pretty customizable
Unattractive user interface

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