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The Windows registry has been designed to store all application settings in one logical repository. The registry includes two basic elements: keys and values. Registry keys are container objects similar to folders, while values are very similar to files. By using the following programs from this set, you will be able to view and compare keys with the help of the user-friendly interface.

Compare Registry Keys download selection by Victoria Nelson. April 29, 2015

CRegistry Comparison
CRegistry Comparison is a simple, easy-to-use and fast registry comparison tool.
...can select specific registry keys to be compared, rather than entire registry hives. One...
Advanced Registry Tracer
ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.
It helps us analyzing the changes made to our Windows Registry.
...Compare, Find Export, and Import. The program makes snapshots of the registry keys...
Excellent way to discover any change in our Registry
Can detect viruses in the Registry that other antivirus cannot
Registry Workshop
A registry editor with numerous tools to save time and increase convenience.
...RegEdit, the registry editing program ...’s registry files. However, unlike RegEdit, Registry Workshop...
Full-fledged registry editor
Lots of features that advanced users can take advantage of
Not found
Registrar Registry Manager
Resplendence Software Projects Sp.
One of the most complete registry management solutions ever.
...background search, replacing registry elements, adding descriptions to registry keys and values, etc...
Extensive toolset
Stable and reliable
Safe to use
Hard to use if you're a casual user
LastBit Software
RegSanp takes a snapshot of your registry and compares it against another.
...selected keys. It lets you compare two ...developers. Since some registry keys are of sensitive value...
Most relevant in Compare Registry Keys
Lets you compare registry backups
Creates easy-to-read HTML reports
Registry backups are even faster than Windows RegEdit


Synchronizes the contents of two local or remote locations for free.
...and pressing the "Compare" button. Thi ...different methods for comparing, synchronizing and backing...
Most recent in Compare Registry Keys
Offers different file synchronization methods
Define your own file-syncing rules for different situations
Select the destination of the removed files
Requires using Windows' "Task Scheduler" to schedule backup jobs
PC Cleaner
Optimize Your PC
PC Cleaner helps you remove junk or duplicate files. use binary file compare or ignore the ...that this tool misses a registry cleaning option. To sum up...
Most popular in Compare Registry Keys
Organized interface
Increases the computer's performance
Finds duplicate files
No registry cleaning option


VeriSign, Inc.
SysAnalyzer is an automated malcode run time analysis application.
...and compare: - Running Processes - Open Ports - Loaded Drivers - Injected Libraries - Key Registry...


RegShot is a registry tool to compare registry changes.
...registry tool that helps anyone to compare ...deleted,modified,added key/values. RegShot provides...
Most downloaded in Compare Registry Keys
Easy to operate
Available in many Languages

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