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This set includes some programs that may be useful when you want to quickly compare your folders so as to find and remove duplicates. They utilize various kinds of comparison algorithms: from the simple date/time method to the complicated 160-bit secure hash algorithm.

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BS Folder Compare
Broto Suseno
BS Folder Compare is a utility for comparing two folder structures.
BS Folder Compare is a utility for comparing two folder ...: -Generate the folder trees and marks found...
Compare Folders
Compare Folders allows the user to compare the contents of two folders.
Compare Folders allows the user to compare the contents of two folders against each other...
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Salty Brine Software
FolderMatch is a comparing and synchronizing tool that can compare folder tree.
...synchronizing tool that can compare two folders or a folder tree and synchronize the...
Compare any file or folder up to bytes' level
Different synchronization methods that meet everyone's need


Gerhard Kalab
FolderSync is used to check two different folders for changed or new files.
...synchronizing the two folders. The FolderSync software ...not. FolderSync compares the directories byte...
Small Size
None in particular
FolderViewer 4.8 is alternative way of organizing user files.
...file to create the target Folders Advanced Rename Tool, using file...
Stable work
Boring design
Synchronize It!
Grig Software
You can easily see what have changed in your folders and transfer changes.
...single mouse click. Features: -Folders comparison -Compare folder with archive -Unattended backup...
Fast Duplicate File Finder
MindGems, Inc.
Save disk storage space by removing duplicate files. scan various folders in single session ...realized when I scanned a folder in which I keep several...
Scans various folders in a single session
Highly customizable
Automatic duplicate marking
A wizard-like interface would make it even easier to create projects
Jumping Bytes
PureSync allows for data synchronization between various types of locations.
...supports data synchronization by comparing two locations. The the source folder, it will be...
It’s easy to use
It allows you to create various types of jobs
It lets you download websites
There’s probably a bug because it’s not possible to switch between interface modes
IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
Compare the contents of local and remote files and folders.
...intended to help you compare files and folders without much effort. Besides...
Support of various document formats. Command-line operation
System shell integration
3-way comparison
You need to download a different installer for each language
UltraCompare Professional
IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
UltraCompare Professional allows files and directories comparison and merge. compare and merge files, folders, directorie ...application also supports comparing .zip archive...
Easy to use
FTP directory compare
Allows two or three files compare at the same time
The installation process might take a little long
ViceVersa FREE
TGRMN Software
...that lets you compare and synchronize files and folders quickly...
...source and target folders, click on "Compare" and get use interface to compare, synchronize, and...
Latest comments:
Sanjeev Kumar
Has been mentioned as Freeware, even when it is a 30 days share ware.
Comparator Fast
D.S.M. / Interdesigner Software Development.
This program lets you find duplicate files of all types. compare, analyze, verify, and synchronize the status of a determined directory, folder...
The information it provides is very clear
It lets you search in directories and sub directories
File Comparator
MyMusic Software Company
File Comparator is a very useful file comparing tool.
...for identical files and folders. With File Comparator you can sort out...
Simple and easy to use
Compare Suite Light
Compare Suite can contrast files and folders in plain text format.
...of files and folders can sometimes be ...offers its file compare utility called Compare Suite. The...
Easy Duplicate Finder
Find and delete duplicated files from your computer.
...and lets you choose which folders to be excluded from the...
Provides you with many useful instructions
Offers you multiple filtering options
Fast scanning speed
Unappealing interface
Duplicate Commander
Duplicate Commander will let you find duplicated files stored in your hard disk.
...Commander can compare the files saved into the folders that you specify...
Cologne Code Company
A versatile file manager designed as an alternative to Windows Explorer.
...files and folders, creating new folders, showing/hiding ...any file or folder you select including...
Offers quick and advanced file searching methods
Filters your files list
Supports customized scripting to automate certain tasks
It may take its time to learn all its functions and features
Araxis Merge
Araxis Ltd.
Versatile tool to compare, merge, and sync up to 3 files or folders at a time., merge, and sync up to three files or folders ...character encoding. Folder comparison and...
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Allows you to compare and merge three files or folders at a time
Compares binary and image files
Supports all well-known file types
No drawbacks found in the review process


Protect important data from various types of failures by making backup copies.
...including local folders, portable device ...comparing and synchronizing. You can compare the...
Most popular in Compare Folders Most recent in Compare Folders
Supports local and remote locations
Has three synchronization methods
Supports long file names
Does not come with presets to connect to Cloud storage services
DiffVue Software
DiffVue is a folder and file compare or differencing utility.
...a folder and file compare or differencing utility. Main Features: - Synchronizes files and folders...

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