Color Identifier Downloads

These tools will help with providing the color codes of any colors that you can see on your screen. All types of color codes will be picked and provided, may they be HTML code, RGB code, CMYK, etc. Some of them also offer color pallets and color schemes where you can experiment with color combinations and find the best color match.

Color Identifier download selection is a descendant of our Color Code Finder by Andrew Frost customized for you:

Color Style Studio
Try the colors of your house before you paint it with this nice program.
...the new color combinations, then Color Style Studio ...making important decisions about color combinations and styles, and...
Most relevant in Color Identifier
You can compare many color combinations
It crashes sometimes
Color Wheel Expert
Abitom Software
Color Wheel Expert is an easy-to-use professional color utility application.
...palette. Based on the color wheel and color harmony theory, Color Wheel Expert enables users...
Color Wheel Pro
QSX Software Group
Color Wheel Pro allows you to create color schemes based on color theory.
...includes an explanation of color theory, color meaning, and classic color schemes with pros, cons...
Easy to use. Simple and intuitive user interface. Allows you to preview color schemes in real examples. Great value for its price
Tiger Color
ColorImpact helps you select harmonious colors for your designs. to generate harmonious color mixes for your design ...the jargon related to color manipulation, you can start...
Advanced color wheel
Ability to extract colors from an image
Hex Color Finder
NZ Software
Small, easy to use color picker.
...any color. You can choose custom colors, save, load colors, even get the specific color from...
Latest comments:
easy to use program to grab the hex code for any color on any page anywhere online or on your...
ColorSchemer Studio
It is a tool that enables you to create professional color schemes.
...will help you mix colors, test various color palettes, etc a large number of color schemes from an online database...
Most popular in Color Identifier
Allows you to download color schemes from a large online database
Fair price
Includes a "color blindness" simulation tool
No disadvantages found
OKSoft Color Picker
...can pick any colors from your PC screen ...with 14 formats. The color value may be...
...Colors Named Colors tabbed window includes 140 colors, 16 basic colors and 124 additional colors. All the colors...

Some Color Identifier downloads, not featured in Color Code Finder

Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit

ActiveState Software Inc.
Multi-language text editor for dynamic programming languages.
Komodo Edit is a simple, polyglot editor that provides the basic functionality you need for programming. If you find...
Most downloaded in Color Identifier Most recent in Color Identifier
It supports multiple programming languages
It has integrated upload capabilities
It’s extremely customizable
When creating web pages, there’s no WYSIWYG editor


Blacksun Software
A tool for picking up the color of any specific pixel of your screen.
...have faced the need to identify a very specific color more than once. That's precisely...
Picks the color of any specific pixel of your screen
Magnifies your selected screen area up to 20X
Displays the red, green, blue, hue, saturation and brightness values for your selected pixel's color
Has a cluttered and hard-to-understand interface
Color Cop

Color Cop

Jay Prall
With Color Cop you will be able to convert RGB decimal values to Hexadecimal.
...get the right color code, the corresponding color code (HTML, RGB ...that opens the selected colors in a small interface...
Fast and easy to use
Blackmagic Color
Turn your black and white pictures into colored ones.
...thus you convert your color pictures into black and white simply identifying the kind of object to be colored. Just...
Easy to use
Good extra tools
aHa!2Way XLS
...timesheets for each resource, with a unique color identifier for each resource throughout the Excel...


WinDirStat 1.1 is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool.
...information is colored to be easy to identify and associated with ...tool allows you to identify quickly the space used by...
WinDirStat is a great visual tool that provides statistics on the disk usage and provides the option to clean up those files or directories that only use disk space
I haven’t found any until now

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